Meet Martial Arts Mom – Holli


I joined taekwondo with my husband, Neil and two daughters, Apryll and Kyli  January 3, 2013.

We had a deal of the day and decided to try. It would do us some good to get up do something physical together. I didn’t think I would like it. Like I tell my kids, ” don’t say you don’t like it till you try it.”

Training as a family gives us something to work together on at the same level. We participate in class together and practice with each other at home. I have seen big difference in the discipline and respect in all of us, especially our oldest, Apryll.

For me, taekwondo has helped me lose 20 pounds and become much more flexible and physical. I have seen a physical difference in all of us. We have become closer as a family. My family and I  have also gained a huge second family, our taekwondo family. Our plan is to continue to train all together!


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