Meet Martial Arts Mom – Christina

I started Taekwondo one year ago this week with my children. We began Taekwondo to help our daughter with confidence and self-esteem; for our son to help him with self-control and give him an outlet for energy. I was looking forward to learning how to better protect myself and learning a new art form while spending time doing something active with my children.
I quickly found that I truly enjoyed going to class. We were learning ways to protect ourself and having fun as a family. In the last year I have watched my two children grow in so many ways. My husband has joined us in training for our black belt as well. We volunteer and compete as a family too. It is so much fun and we have learned a lot while making new friends! I love how I feel more confident, I feel stronger and feel like I am giving my children well rounded values that will help them succeed in life.
I would highly recommend everyone to join Taekwondo; no matter your fitness level or abilities. Everyone needs to know how to defend themselves, the exercise is fun and promotes healthy lifestyle. I look forward to going every week!


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