Meet Martial Arts Mom – Becky


My name is Becky Clabaugh and I am so happy to say that Taekwondo has been the best thing for our family.

My husband and our son, age 14 have been training together for about four years; they are now close to earning their black belts! I was perfectly happy taking pictures of them, observing practice time and watching them test for their next rank. I never dreamed of participating. On the other hand, our youngest daughter, age 9 participated in a spring-break camp last year and, she was hooked. She wanted me to join with her but, I said, “No.” I said no for two reasons; one, I can’t remember anything and two; I lacked a spark, in general. Taekwondo has helped me rebuild my brain and my confidence which I discovered I completely lost over the years taking care of everyone else but myself!

I decided to listen to our daughter and we signed-up for the trial course. But, I was not committing to anything. We tried it then, I got hooked. I am happy to report that it was the best decision I have ever made. Since last spring, I have confirmed to myself that I am a fighter and this is my message: I have become the hammer; my “issues” are my nail!

I have learned that most people have an “issue” (I will refer to as, a “nail”…) we are all working through; health, finances, relationships, fears, whatever. You know that saying: Where there is a will, there is a way? Well, I believe it. I am beyond grateful for my Taekwondo journey. It has brought me discipline, confidence, determination, fitness and brain muscle. I feel alive! I have developed many wonderful friendships and I have watched our kids embrace sound charter. Because of our commitment and overall investment into USTC, I believe they have strong, solid tools to navigate through the teen years and confidently combat all “girl drama.” I believe that their developmental journey has been much easier because of the tenants and spirit Taekwondo has to offer. I highly recommend US Taekwondo Center, no matter what your age or issues might be. When you do decide to check us out, be sure to bring all your “nails!”


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