Meaningful Ways to Honor Single Moms on Mother’s Day


For those of us who have spouses and partners to celebrate Mother’s Day with, it can be a day of pampering and one where we feel honored and recognized as mothers.  Typically, we get to sleep in, and chores and tasks of parenting are taken over by our spouse or significant other.  However, for many single moms, their day won’t be much different, and they’ll wake up to the demands of children, with no break and little recognition for their efforts. These moms work day in and day out, often doing the work of two parents. It can be a sad and frustrating day for some. My hope is that we can remember the single moms in our lives this year, whether it be friends, neighbors, widows, a military mother whose husband is deployed, or family members that could use some love and support this Mother’s Day!  Here are some meaningful and thoughtful ideas that can help a single mom feel appreciated.




Mother’s Day Meal

Surprise a single mom with breakfast from a local diner! Some restaurants may even deliver, or you can order via phone and run and pick it up and drop it by. Nothing brings more joy to a mom on Mother’s Day morning than not having to worry about a meal!  Or, consider inviting a single mom and her children over for lunch or dinner.  Either way sharing or bringing a meal to another mom can easily make her day and make her feel loved and appreciated.

Photo Session

Most single moms are used to being behind the camera taking pics of their kids, and the only pictures they get of themselves may be an occasional selfie!  Gifting a photo session with her children is a wonderful gift, as it honors her family unit and allows her to get dressed up, feel pretty and have some pictures of her and her kids!

Pamper Her

Give her a gift certificate for a manicure, pedicure or massage.  Most single moms don’t have the time or the finances to pamper themselves, and an hour alone could be the gift she really needs the most.  Offer to watch her children and let her take the afternoon off.


Sometimes being a mom can feel like a thankless job, and all of us just want to hear we are doing a good job once in a while!  Never underestimate the power of a handwritten letter or card telling another mom what a great job you think she’s doing and the many wonderful qualities and talents she possesses!

Alone Time

There is nothing a parent doesn’t appreciate more than a little bit of alone time.  We all need that time to recharge and refocus our hearts and minds.  Invite her children over for a slumber party or late night, take them to the zoo, or have them come over for a play date for a few hours.  Giving a mom the gift of peace and quiet for an afternoon or evening is a gift you can never go wrong with!

Let’s remember the single moms in our lives this year on Mother’s Day.  They deserve to be honored and appreciated and to feel special, because they are, so very special! 



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