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If you Google meal planning, you'll find thousands of sites offering to help you plan meals for your family and save you money. It is true, that meal planning will save you money. There will be fewer last minute trips to the store and less eating out because you'll always know what's for dinner. There are several ways to plan your family meals.

What meal planning website is the best? There are lots to choose from, so you have to decide if you are willing to pay for one or you want a free one. How much work do you want to do: easy recipes, detailed grocery list, special diet plans? There are meal planning websites that can fit your needs.

What are you Eating?
You can use a simple calendar and use foods and meals you know your family will eat. Letting your family help decide what's for dinner during the week means everyone can be part of meal planning.

What's On Sale?
If you are a couponer and follow the grocery store sales, this would work well for you. If chicken is on sale, you can plan on having 3 meals that week made of chicken. What's on sale is what's for dinner.

As you can see meal planning isn't necessarily easy, but if you find a plan that works for you it will get easier. We have recipes for all kinds of foods in case you are stuck in a food rut. We also have meal planning tips below. Check it out!

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