Mastering the Fake New Year’s Eve Countdown


We aren’t super strict about bed time when our kids are on Winter break, so typically we let our children stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve (if they can make it!) Personally, I enjoy hanging out with my kids playing games and watching movies, so the fake countdown has never really interested me, but I know plenty of parents who do take advantage of it, and love it!




A new Netflix survey says most parents move their New Year’s Eve countdown to 9 p.m. instead of letting their children stay up until midnight. The survey found that 73 percent of parents will ring in 2016 before it’s official and half will move their countdown up by three hours.

The Netflix survey also found that 41 percent of parents aren’t opposed to “fibbing” about when the New Year officially starts. It doesn’t have to be a fib, does it?  Just call it an early celebration!

If you want to celebrate a little earlier with your younger children, Netflix offers on-demand countdowns (which is pretty amazing) and 66 percent of moms and dads say they plan to take advantage of them! Children can choose from Care Bears, King Julien, Puffin Rock, and three more sets of cartoon characters to help them ring in the New Year in a fun and age-appropriate way. So, if an early New Year’s Eve celebration appeals to you… you might want to check out Netflix this year!

Tell us your thoughts! Do you plan to ring in the New Year early with your kids, or do you let them stay up late?


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