Making Paper Eggs


Eggs lend themselves to be decorated nicely. They are naturally ornamental. Every year we usually make some eggs that can be used as decoration for years to come. When we pull them out every year it’s easy to see which ones stand the test of time, and make the cut to be used for decoration.

Want to make some paper maché eggs?

Here is what you need:

  • balloon (for an eco-friendly egg, blow a real egg empty and use that)
  • flour and water
  • paper towels or tissue paper or newsprint
  • tins or bowls to hold materials while working
  • decorative paper
  • homemade glue
  • paintbrush

I use three tins. One for the flour and water mixture. One for the strips of paper. One to keep the egg from rolling around while working. Mix your flour and water until it’s more liquid than paste.

  • Step one: Dip paper into water and flour
  • Step two: Place onto balloon trying to make it as smooth as possible
  • Step three: Repeat overlapping the paper strips until covered

Don’t cover the balloon nipple, or whatever the correct term is for that. You will see why as you read on. Once covered make sure you have overlapped enough of the balloon that there will be no weak spots when it is dry. I placed ours on some wax paper while they are damp and sticky.

Put aside. Ideally not touching another one (like shown) to dry. It should take 24 hours give or take. On this batch we did some with paper towels and some with tissue paper. The tissue paper was more flimsy and harder to work with, but it did dry faster!

Once it’s dry push the balloon bit back inside. You can do this with a back of a paintbrush, or a pencil.

Now you can use remainder paper to cover the hole. I used the or follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.

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