Magic Town Writing Contest for Kids

Magic Town Photo from Sculpture by Michael Garman

Have you heard of Magic Town? If not, you are missing out on a local treasure.








Magic Town is Michael Garman’s 3,000 square-foot sculptural theater.  This miniature city is handmade and has many different city scenes.  They are based on Garman’s travels around the world.  Magic Town also includes holograms, mirrored illusions, and much more. Magic Town is located in Old Colorado City and includes free popcorn and a scavenger hunt. Michael Garman has created sculptures that honor extraordinary American Heroes at affordable American prices. Cowboys, firefighters, soldiers, linemen, aviators and more.

According to Garman’s website, “Magic Town is a place where stories come alive!  So each autumn, we invite students to tell us their stories.  The Magic Town Literary Contest provides an opportunity to discover what happens at night when all the sculptures come alive.”

3rd Annual Magic Town Literary Contest

The Michael Garman Museum & Gallery
2418 W. Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, 80904
Literary Contest is open to kids ages 4-18:
* Monsters in Magic Town – Short Story up to 500 words open to kids ages 4-10.
* Night in Magic Town – Short Story up to 1,000 words. Two categories – ages 6-10 and ages 9-13.
* Night in Magic Town – Short Story up to 2,000 words. Kids ages 13-17.

Discounted admission of just $1.00 for participants in this contest. Submissions accepted through 11/2/15. First place winners in each category will receive a custom autographed sculpture, 1-year pass to Magic Town, and publication on our website.

Mary Koehler, 719-963-6900,

Photo from Sculpture by Michael Garman Website


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