Lose Weight and Make Money in 2013!


I hear all the time of weight loss challenges either in work places, amongst friends, or sponsored by big supplement companies. Either way, almost all of them are free to join (some have a membership fee that goes into a winning pot) and most highly recommend you use their products to aid in your transformation. Winning prizes can be anywhere from $25 all the way up to $25,000! Now who wouldn’t like to lose weight and feel amazing AND win a big pot of cash! YES, please! I personally know a few fitness friends who have joined these challenges and WON! One gal won $50,000, the other ones won’t $10,000 +.

Some good reasons for joining a transformation challenge:

  • Extra motivation and accountability! When we commit to something, we have a higher chance of finishing it through to the end.
  • Save money! Yes, you heard me right. I know above I told you that you may have to buy supplements in order to be qualified in these contests but, did you know according to an article on MSNBC.com an average family of 4 could spend up to $1014 on grocery bills. This does NOT include eating out! By choosing healthy options you can actually save hundreds of dollars a month!
  • You will begin to take charge of your health!
  • Make new friends and form a community of fit healthy friends to further educate yourself and your family to ensure a healthy future for everyone!

Those are only a few good reasons, there are MANY!! Here are 3 transformation challenges I have found online:

*Max Muscle $25000 transformation challenge
*Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Holiday challenge
*Isagenix 2013 $25,000 Challenge

Make sure to do your research.
Talk with people who are familiar with these products and/or challenges.
Google to find more that may fit your needs more.
Form a group of friends to do this with you and help encourage each other.

This is fun!!

Join my Fit Moms facebook page for support and healthy recipes. We have a lot of moms who are doing challenges and this is a good place to vent or talk about your successes!


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