Life Lessons Your Child Can Learn from Motocross


Maybe your child was left in awe after seeing a video of Travis Pastrana landing a double back flip. Or perhaps you took your children to see a monster truck show, only to have them fall in love with the supercross riders who performed as the warm-up for the main event. Either way, you have a child clamoring to learn how to ride dirt bikes. If you’re on the fence about letting your kid try this exciting sport, here are a few reasons why you should get your child on a dirt bike.

It’s a Family Sport

Motocross is a family sport. Without a family commitment, a child will not be able to compete because someone has to load and haul the bikes to motocross events and maintain them between races. In addition, most races are all-day events, which means a lot of family time at the track.

It Teaches Life Lessons

  • Motocross teaches persistence. First, your child will have to learn how to ride a dirt bike and then learn how to negotiate a motocross track at slow speeds. After a while he can learn how to hit and land jumps and then eventually do it all at top speed. Your child will soon learn that if he wants to get better, he is going to need to practice, push himself and take classes and camps.
  • Motorcross can teach good sportsmanship. You, as the parent, need to lead by example and be a good role model for your child. First of all, tell your child that you expect him to react in a positive manner whether he wins or loses. If he is lucky enough to win, for instance, teach him not to brag. And if he loses, show him how to congratulate the winner. It is also important that you don’t bad mouth or put down the competition in front of your child.
  • Motocross teaches that winning isn’t everything. Even if your child didn’t win a race, let him know you thought he did a good job. According to Throttler Magazine, motocross is a strenuous sport and your child should be commended for even finishing a race. Your budding motocross star should also understand that he isn’t always going to win on his way to becoming successful at any sport. But each outing is a step towards becoming the best that he can be.
  • Taking care of your equipment is important. Your child will learn from motocross the importance of having the right equipment. When he first starts, he will need certain items like racing gloves, a chest protector, an mx helmet and riding boots. If he shows up at a sanctioned motocross event without the required safety equipment, he will not be allowed to race. As your child gets older, you may want to have him pack up his equipment bag before and after races so that he can take some responsibility for preparing for races.
  • Motocross will teach your child not to quit. Ask any racer at any track — a race can be lost in any number of ways. A part could break. The rider could make a mistake and crash. An inexperienced competitor could take another racer out. Whatever the reason, a motocross racer must brush off the bad luck and put it behind him. As famed football coach Vince Lombardi once said, “Winners never quit, and quitters never win.”


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