Lengthen Your Life With Just 15 Minutes of Daily Exercise


As moms, it is sometimes difficult to fit exercise into our busy schedules. The good news is that just 15 minutes of daily exercise can improve your life. A new study from Taiwan showed that 15 minutes of moderate exercise can lead to a longer life. They are quick to point out that the more exercise, the better.

The study lasted for eight years and included 416,000 Taiwanese adults. The study found those who exercised just 15 minutes a day – or 90 minutes a week – cut their risk of death by 14 percent and extended their life expectancy by three years compared with those who did no exercise. The findings were the same for men and women. Those who did an additional 15 minutes of exercise reduced the risk of death by another 4 percent.

Researchers stated the bottom line is – Get moving!

Do you exercise daily? Does this encourage you to exercise, even if it is only for a few minutes a day?


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