Kids Cutting Their Hair: A Parenting Milestone


Most kids won’t make it through their childhood years without cutting their own hair. It usually happens the day before picture day or before she’s supposed to be a flower girl in your best friend’s wedding. I remember my sister and I hiding in the dog house, cutting each other’s hair and the neighbor girl’s hair. My mother was not impressed and the neighbor girl wasn’t allowed over for a while.

My friend’s little girl took it upon herself to reach this milestone yesterday. Her mom said, “Honestly, I’m impressed we made it this far. The first time she’s ever cut her hair was tonight!” Here’s how baby girl explained the haircut to her mom, “I’m watching Mulan and don’t like having long hair anymore.”

Mom and Dad were both upset about the cut. Mom said she quickly called her mother-in-law to see if there was anyone who could fix a 5-year-old’s self cut.

In the end it is just hair and it will grow back. She’s also not allowed to watch Mulan or be around scissors anymore.

Do you have a “my kid cut their hair story?” Bonus points for pictures!


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