Italian Sausage Bread Recipe


I come from a long line of Italian women who would NEVER share their favorite recipe with their neighbor let alone online with thousands of people.

But I am breaking from tradition!

This recipe is a family favorite and we have made it at the holiday season, starting at Thanksgiving and ending at New Years Eve, for decades. It’s straight from my brain and not written down, so you can improvise if you want to!

Without further ado- Sausage Bread Recipe.

Buy ready made bread, let it rise per the directions. With this Bridgeford Bread, it has 3 pre-cut loaves and I separate that again to get 6 loaves of bread.

Cook Italian mild or sweet sausage. (1 package of the big links, cut up, or if you can find the package of ground sausage, that works too)

Chop pepperoni in to small pieces to add into the bread.

Roll out dough and combine with cheddar cheese. Pack it up full but not so full that the dough rips.

Wrap it recand tuck in the edges!

Cover with egg wash and sprinkle with poppy seeds/Italian Herb/Garlic Salt- anything you like on your breads!

Bake on greased sheet for around 1/2 hour or until brown.

Enjoy! It’s a great recipe for the whole family!


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