Is Your Child’s Hearing at Risk?


Over one billion people are listening to loud music and risk losing their hearing in the process.  A new World Health Organization (WHO) report warns parents to pay attention to how loud their kids are listening to music.

The study reported that half the people between the ages of 12 and 35 risked damage to their hearing because of loud music at both, live venues or personal devices.  WHO recommends turning down the volume or limiting the music to 15 minutes a day.

The data came from middle and high-income countries.  The found that 85 decibels was the limit for music. If people were exposed to music louder than that for over 15 minutes a day they could have serious damage within a short period of time.

Dr Shelly Chadha, who worked on the study, said, “We have bones inside the ear which are responsible for hearing and when we are exposed to loud sounds it damages them…If one is exposed to sounds which are 85 decibels, it would sound like if you were sitting inside your car in heavy traffic. That level of sound one can actually listen to safely for up to eight hours.

How do you keep your kid’s hearing in check? Do you allow them to use headphones? How about your music volume?


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