I want to give you permission to just STOP!


Ok, it’s that time of year where the hype, emotion, and excitement has probably worn off from your New Years’ resolutions. Life got in the way, your family got that sickness that’s been going around, and you’re overwhelmed because you are falling behind on your resolutions. You’re ready to give up.

I want to give you permission to just stop. Stop making resolutions. Stop feeling guilty. Stop comparing yourself to your other mommy friends that appear to have it all together. And stop watching those morning talk shows with the super moms who have more problems away from the camera than you can imagine.

I also want to give you permission to do only ONE thing. I want you to do and focus on only one thing that will make everything else easier. Specifically, I want you to focus on the one thing for your health that will make all the other things you know you should be doing easier or not necessary.

Since you’re reading this, you’ve probably read other blogs or news briefs about the top 10 things you need to do for your health, the latest nutrients you have to take (or you’ll die tomorrow), or how the toxicities of our environment will turn us into zombies by 2016. There’s probably a lot of truth in those articles, but it rarely leaves you empowered. It leaves you confused, overwhelmed, and sometimes apathetic about even trying to be healthy.

If enough moms get apathetic about their health and let it go, then the world will shut down quicker than if the sun burned out tomorrow. So this is my plea for you moms to stay engaged and keep working. Health is a dance between physical, chemical, and emotional choices. There is one sub category within one of the larger categories that will make them all easier. Find it for you and your family.

For me, if I focus on my fitness, it makes everything else easier. I do that through CrossFit. I show up, they tell me what to do. I do my best and leave. As a result, I eat cleaner because I can’t go all out if I’m eating crap. I drink water and stretch. I go to bed earlier (and sleep great) so I’m rested for the next workout. I make my regular chiropractic visits so my nervous system is firing on all cylinders and I can push harder.

I’m nicer and more patient with my family. My social life is better because I meet new people. I’m more pleasant at work to my staff and patients. I could go on and on.

This isn’t a plug for you to start doing CrossFit – though if you want a great place to start, I know one. This is a plug for you to find that ONE THING that when you focus on it, it makes other aspects of your health and life that much easier.

Maybe your one thing is an earlier bed time. Or creating a grocery budget. Maybe it’s setting up an accountability partner. Or looking at all those medications and admitting you’re endangering your health. Maybe it’s forgiving yourself (or someone else) for continually holding you back.

It’s different for everyone. Find your one thing, and when you do, get obsessed about it and include your family. Obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated!

If you have no idea where to start, try just getting connected. Join me at my Facebook page. Check out my blog. Or join me for my workshops throughout Colorado Springs this year. Get obsessed and make some cool changes.

Dr. Kurt writes from either his home or office in Colorado Springs where he enjoys life with his wife Lindsay, and sons Kalin and Lukas. They have 2 dogs, Boots and Jersey, that are Boston Terrier/English Bulldog mixes. He’s known to play a little guitar, play a little basketball, and when time allows it, soak in the 300 days of sunshine that Colorado Springs boasts. He hopes his blogs will fire you up and get you focused on asking the kind of questions that will produce real health for you and your family.

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