How to Organize Spices








Last night I decided to tackle my spice cabinet. You can see from the photo I had to gear up for this with a glass of wine. After about 15 minutes of pulling everything out, I realized I was doing nothing but pulling all of this out, only to put it back in and have the same messy cabinet a week later.


I realized I needed help, so I asked our readers what their best tips were for organizing a  spice cabinet.  Below are the top suggestions along with the system I chose.



1. Drink more wine. I personally love that suggestion

2. Organize them “by season” so things like nutmeg, pumpkin pie spice, etc go in one corner, everyday spices     up front and condiments, “extras” have their own separate space…works for me!

3. Alphabetize

4. Get rid of everything expired and don’t replace until you need the spice. Try sticking with one brand so      that they all match eventually. And then I put my most used spices on the bottom shelf, occasional use    middle, and hardly ever used on the top/hard to reach shelf.

5. Get rid of the middle shelf and get stair steps. You can get them at the Container Store. They work great and you’ll be able to see everything.

6. Get one of these “as seen on t.v.” shelves, at Walmart or online. I got one. It was very helpful.

I received many great suggestions, but in the end I went with the “As Seen on TV Product” You can order one from Walmart or go straight to



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