How To Ensure Your December Child Feels Special During the Holidays


Growing up, one of my best friend’s had a birthday on December 28th and my mom’s birthday is on December 23rd.  Both have shared feeling a bit slighted on their special day because all the festivities in December focus so much on Christmas.  When their birthdays rolled around it was either too close to Christmas to bother celebrating much, or soon after, when everyone was tired of the hustle and bustle of celebrating.  Do you have a child whose birthday falls near Christmas? What do you do to ensure that they feel special on their special day?


We asked some moms to share their feelings and traditions on how they celebrate December birthdays in their families.  Maybe some of these ideas will inspire you too!

Lacey S. – My husband, his mother and his sister all have birthday’s very close to Christmas. They have always kept them completely separate as they would if their birthdays were at different times during the year. I still do the same for my husband now. His birthday is his birthday, and Christmas is Christmas.

Megan P. – My husband’s birthday is the 12th and we just celebrate it unto itself, without any connection to Christmas. The way I figure it, a December/Christmas birthday is no different than someone having a birthday on Easter, Halloween, or 4th of July. The only “holiday connections” are the ones you allow to intrude.

Kelly M. – My son’s birthday is a little less than 3 weeks after Christmas. We celebrate his half birthday in July. We tell him happy birthday on his actual birthday but save the cake and gifts for the half birthday. It’s great because then you can get summer gifts for playing outdoors or have a pool party.

Janet A. – My kids’ biological dad was born on Christmas day. We celebrated Christmas on Christmas Eve and his birthday on Christmas.

Emily E. – My daughter’s birthday is on Dec. 22. We let her celebrate her birthday any time during the year. On her actual birthday we do have cake and ice cream but on party plates, not Christmas plates.

Niki C. – My mom is the 23rd and my sister’s is the 26th- both are a bit overlooked- although, I would say my sister’s is more. I’ve always felt badly about it. THEN I had my little Brooklyn on the 30th and I NEVER want her to feel overlooked. She’s still young- but I try to tell her how extra special she is because her birthday is so close to Jesus’ Birthday- and I make sure her day is completely her day and not a run-on from Christmas.

Kathryn F. – My daughter Jemma’s birthday is on the 17th. We always make sure to have birthday plates, birthday wrapping paper and the like. We have done Christmasy type things but it has been an experience for her. Last year for her birthday we went to see a huge light festival about two hours away and then drove another hour and went on a sleigh ride at night. So yes, some of the things are sort of Christmasy but we talk about how it’s for her birthday experience.

Do you have a December birthday in your family?  Share your traditions with us! 



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