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  • Crafts-Spring

    Making Paper Eggs

    Making Paper Eggs

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/18/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Brigid

    Eggs lend themselves to be decorated nicely. They are naturally ornamental. Every year we usually make some eggs that can be used as decoration for years to come. When we pull them out every year it's easy to see which ones stand the test of time, and make the cut to be used for decoration.

  • Dessert

    My Pinterest Opinion

    My Pinterest Opinion

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/18/2014 by KW

    Happy Easter Weekend! I don't know about you but each holiday I try to make a dish that was even better than the year before. Or I like to mix it up by one year bringing a salad than the next bringing an appetizer, but I almost always bring a dessert especially to Easter. So, in honor of this (More)

  • Thrifty Mom

    Easter Brunch Price Comparison

    Easter Brunch Price Comparison

    Posted 11:37 AM 4/18/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Grocery Savings Expert Eva

    We've compared the prices across the stores for our Easter brunch which includes a 10 lb ham with fresh pineapple, egg casserole with asparagus and potatoes,hash browns, orange spritzer, fresh strawberries and crescent rolls with butter, coffee with creamer and of course jelly beans for the (More)

  • New Mom

    This week I'm kicking it up a notch!

    This week I'm kicking it up a notch!

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/17/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Crystal

    Monday: Jillian Michaels Shape Up FrontTuesday: Mandy Ingber YogalosophyThursday: Jillian Michaels Shape Up BackSunday: Cathe Friendrich Bootcamp

    This week I'm kicking it up a notch! I decided to start running up my stairs just to get my heart rate going a little bit more (More)

  • FitMom

    Thinking of Boston

    Thinking of Boston

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/17/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Fit Mom Sarah

    This week I have been thinking a lot about the Boston Marathon and all that happened there last year. For me it was one of those events where I remember exactly where I was when I heard the news. My daughter had asked for an American Girl Doll for her birthday so we had taken her to the store in (More)

  • 719Moms - Hot Topics

    Stinky Poo Plush Toys are Just For Fun, Stop Taking Toys So Seriously

    Stinky Poo Plush Toys are Just For Fun, Stop Taking Toys So Seriously

    Posted 11:21 AM 4/17/2014

    You've probably heard of the Pooping Dog game for kids or read the book Everyone Poops with your kids.  Kids, mostly boys, think poops, farts, burps, etc. are hilarious. Sure, it isn't my (More)

  • 719Moms - Hot Topics

    Fake Kidnapping for "Awareness" Has Parents Outraged

    Posted 10:53 AM 4/17/2014

    Two cousins "kidnapped" a child from a public park, in front of parents and children. Police said they recieved 911 calls from concerned parents.  The two men, Jason and Jeremy Holden, grabbed a child from the Washington playground, and sped away.  

    One mother tried to chase the (More)

  • 719 Moms - Day Trips

    A Tour of Rock Ledge Ranch

    A Tour of Rock Ledge Ranch

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/16/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Camille

    Last week, we talked about Garden of the Gods so this week we are heading right next door to Rock Ledge Ranch. Rock Ledge Ranch is a great place to if you are looking for something outside and historical. I recommend checking out their (More)

  • 719Moms - Mama Drama

    Mommy, Where Are Your Manners?

    Mommy, Where Are Your Manners?

    Posted 8:00 PM 4/16/2014 by My719Mommy Blogger - Jennifer DeBrito

    If you have school-aged children, spring only means one thing: you're about to be really busy! Over the next 6-8 weeks, you can plan to attend every type of ‘program' a school can possibly think of: art shows, music programs, field trips, theme days, and the list goes on. (And that's just (More)

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