Gun Safety for Parents


A two-year-old was killed after accidentally shooting himself. Mom was in the kitchen, the kids were playing in the next room, and a loaded gun was within their reach. Unfortunately, this is a story we see all too often in news across the country. Parents, we need to do a better job keeping our children safe in our homes. Yes, guns are legal, but if you are going to keep guns in your home make sure you are locking them up. There is no reason for one more child to die because parents failed to follow gun safety.


Here are some responsible ways to create a safe environment when you have guns in your home.

Parents, you are responsible for making your home safe, not just for your own children, but visiting children as well.  They may not have been taught the rules of gun safety like your children. If you let your child visit other homes, it is absolutely an OK thing to ask those parents about gun in their home. The bottom line is kids don’t clearly see the realities of guns. They don’t always connect what they see in games or on TV with real life. It is our job to keep them safe and that means locking up our guns and keeping them out of children’s hands.


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