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What Is a Green Mom?

A Green Mom is dedicated to living in an eco-friendly way by promoting a clean environment, sustainable living, conscious consumerism, and healthy lifestyle. A dynamic approach to living which focuses on minimizing their affects on the environment while thriving in harmony and balance within the planet's capabilities in a sustainable and manner.

Green Moms tend to...

  • Recycle
  • Cloth Diaper
  • Buy local
  • Choose organic
  • Use natural products free from toxins
  • Reduce or eliminate consumption of depleting resources


                       ... and much more. 

Check back here often for great tips, ideas & resources for the

Green 719 Moms!

Green Mom News

  • Hormone Hotbed

    February 18, 2014

    I'm sure you have noticed that 'hormones' are the new black in the health industry. Businesses are popping up, radio and TV ads are being filled, and people are left feeling better...'without having to do anything.' Men are being urged to have their testosterone checked. Women are being lured... more »
  • Homemade How-To {Bread-a-licious}

    November 11, 2013

    I love me some homemade bread. Mmmm, warm and soft, fresh from the oven... just try not to eat the whole loaf. No, seriously. I don't know what it is about homemade bread, but the guilt factor goes away. I will eat the whole thing . Because it's just that... more »
  • Helping Baby Sleep Through a Cough

    February 11, 2014

    So your baby's cold has moved into her lungs and coughing is keeping her up at night? Whether you've read through my previous posts about how to help your baby overcome a cold, or are just starting here, here's a few basic (and not-so-basic) tips: 1) Clear her sinuses... more »
  • Homemade How-To (Queso Blanco)

    August 11, 2013

    This recipes is really better known as "the easiest cheese recipe EVER." Cheese, the oh so beloved dairy-licious decadence that with the exception of the vegans and lactose intolerant among us, tops the charts as one of our favorite foodstuffs. Baked mac n cheese with farmhouse cheddar, made from... more »

What Is Important To a Green Mom?