Getting older stinks!!!


Getting older stinks!!! I still consider myself young but we are all getting older and our bodies are constantly changing. I weigh less now than before I got pregnant with my first child but I guarantee I could not even come close to fitting into the high wasted Rocky Jeans I wore back then. Actually, just having baby’s changes your body in crazy ways. Can you do tuck jumps in an exercise class without having to pause before you pee your pants? I know I can’t! In fact, I always make sure I use the bathroom before working out and even then it doesn’t always help. No matter what issues you may have due to baby’s or age listen to your body and learn how best to deal with them. As a young athlete in high school I did not pay attention to my diet or to stretching properly and in all honesty I got along fine. Now my diet and stretching is vital to my well being. If I did not stretch after a workout there would be a good chance I would not get out of my bed the next day. Another example is last night I attended an Insanity workout class in our school gym. I was a little over half way done when I started to feel really weird. We were doing mountain climbers on the floor and my legs started feeling really weak and almost tingly. Then when I stood up I was really lightheaded and dizzy. I listened to my body and stopped the workout, stretched and went on home. The rest of the night I thought about what may have caused this issue so that I could make changes so that it would not happen again. My first thought was had I ate enough calories and drank enough water. I had eaten a good lunch, plenty of calories, and I had drunk plenty of water throughout the day. Needless to say the only thing I can think of is my blood pressure. I have low blood pressure on a regular day but maybe the foods I had ate that day did not contain enough sodium. This is just an idea but the point of this story is LISTEN TO YOUR BODY AND LEARN FROM IT.

Have you ever had the issue I had while working out? What caused it for you?

Sarah is a mother of three children and a wife to a farmer. Make sure to check out her Facebook page, Farm Girl Fitness, for more healthy information and HA-larious personal posts.

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