Get to Know the Neighbors


Are you new in your neighborhood? Maybe you just moved to this city or part of the country? Are you wondering how to meet people and make new friends? Of course you should try some of our My719Mom meetups and activities. Here are a few more ideas.

  1. Volunteer! Give your time and talents to a local place. That could be your child’s school, a local farm, a local non-profit, a church, etc. There are many ways to give a little back to the community while getting some friends in return.  Click here for volunteer opportunities in Colorado Springs.
  2. Join a club or church. This is a great way to meet people who have similar interests.  A church can offer mom’s day out clubs or you can join the choir if you like to sing. Maybe you’ll find a small group where you can meet other couples with kids. Maybe there is a tennis club or running club you can join.  There is no shortage of outdoor activities in our area.  Check out UpaDowna for events like rock climbing, hiking, and bike riding adventures.
  3. Take a walk. This isn’t the best time of year for a walk around the neighborhood, but soon it is going to warm up. Take the opportunity to walk the dog or let the kids ride their bikes. You never know who will be outside and you may just meet a friendly neighbor.  Maybe you can walk next door and give your neighbor a batch of muffins or cookies. Introduce yourself and pass along your phone number.  Let them know that if they need anything you’re the neighbor and available to help.  It could be as simple as keeping an eye out while they are on vacation or watching their pets over a weekend. If you take the initiative to meet the neighbors they could end up being fantastic friends.

How do you meet your neighbors? Where are the best places to meet new friends?


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