Get Ready For Groundhog Day With This Kid’s Craft


Groundhog Cup Puppet

Materials needed:
Brown Construction Paper
Styrofoam or paper cup
Pen or pencil
Craft Stick
Crayons, markers, paint or colored paper for decorating
Googly eyes (optional)

1. Make the groundhog by cutting out a circle or oval from brown construction paper (this is the body). Cut out a smaller circle from the brown paper also (this is the head). Tracing the bottom of your cup works out well for the round head.

2. Draw facial features on your groundhog as you wish. If you have googly eyes you can also glue those on.

3. Glue the two pieces of groundhog together. Glue the small round head to the bigger body. Then glue them both to the craft stick.

4. Cut a small slit in the bottom of your paper or Styrofoam cup.

5. Decorate your cup however you would like.

6. Insert the bottom of the popsicle stick into the hole.

7. On Groundhog Day you can take your completed puppet outside and see if he sees his shadow or not.


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