Funny Dad Edits Baby Care Instruction Sheet


If you’re a mom, chances are you’ve created a baby care instruction sheet for a caregiver once or twice. Whether you’re gone for a day, or a few, you just want your little one to receive the very best care, and in the way YOU usually give it. After all, we’re the mom and we know what’s best, right?




Well, this dad was obviously feeling a little bit sassy about the care sheet his wife left for him while she went out of town.  It’s quite clear he found it a little condescending, and seems to have had fun by editing the instructions his wife lovingly left.  He not only judges her capitalization skills and confesses to killing the fish, he also references video games…a lot.


The edited note was posted to and is starting to make it’s way through social media.  It’s causing a bit of stir, with some saying he is being condescending and rude, and others saying it serves his wife right for acting like he doesn’t know a thing about taking care of his own child.  Both are first time parents of their 3-month-old son.

What are your thoughts?  Is it all in good fun, or do moms really underestimate their partners when it comes to parenting?


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