Fun Memorial Day Recipes


Memorial Day is the time to gather & remember those who have fought for our country. Here are a couple easy and fun recipes to make with your kids to remind them of those who fought for our freedom.

Marshmallow Kabobs

  • All that’s needed is large marshmallows, kabob sticks, (or skewers, popsicle sticks), sprinkles, & water
  • Dip large marshmallow in water & pat off excess water
  • Let kids sprinkle some with red sprinkles and some with blue sprinkles & then leave some white
  • Use butter to grease the skewers so that the marshmallows slip on smoothly
  • Place marshmallows on skewers in a red, white & blue pattern
  • You can use as table decoration by displaying in a vase or cup before eating

2. Flag Fruit Treat

  • All that’s needed is a glass, blueberries, strawberries & whipped cream
  • Cut strawberries
  • Put a layer of mixed blueberries & cut strawberries in the glass
  • Then put a layer of whipped cream over the berries
  • Keep repeat making layers until the cup is full


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