Free Laundry for Families in Need


When money is tight certain things have to wait. The most important things are a place to live and food. For some families doing laundry is a luxury.





Mom, Melissa Power, remembers what it was like to not have money to do laundry. When she was in a better place she decided to help families in that situation. This Canadian mom started For The Love of Laundry to help give dignity to these families.  She started by making her own laundry detergent to help her family save money.  When she had extra she donated it to those in need.  However, she realized if they couldn’t afford the laundromat what good would the soap do them?

She began selling her soap in stores and using that money to pay local laundromats to let families do their laundry.  On her website she writes about the need for this service, not just in her community, but in many others.  “The laundry events we’ve had since then have been very successful and we have done several hundred FREE loads of laundry for people in need. It certainly proves how much this service is needed in our community and I’m certain many others as well!”

One really awesome story was from a mother who told Power that with the money she saved not doing laundry she could take her family out for dinner, which they are never able to do.  What do you think of this idea? Have you heard of any other unique ways to support families?


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