Five Things to Do During Screen Free Week


Sometimes it seems like we are captivated by the screens around us.  We are constantly checking our phone, the kids are playing video games, and dinner is around the TV.  Screen-Free Week is the chance for us to collectively take inventory of how much time we spend with digital devices.  Created by the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, they are hoping to encourage people to take a break from digital entertainment.

There are no “rules” for the week and it is OK to use screens for work or school.  The rest of the time they want people to read, play, and get outside.  Even if you think the week is just too long, try doing it for the weekend.  We try to “log-off” for a couple of days at least once every two or three months and it is always a bonding experience.

Here are five ideas to celebrate Screen-Free Week.

1. Game Day – Play table top games with your friends and families.  Kids love to gather around the table for games like Candyland and Life.

2. Go for a Hike – You live in Colorado and there are countless places to take the kids on a family-friendly hike.

3. Create Art – Buy a few canvases and some paint.  Let the kids go wild and create their own masterpiece.

4. Make Dinner Together – Have the kids help you shop for groceries and cook dinner.  If you have little ones do a make your own pizza night.

5. Turn Out the Lights – Light candles, gather some snacks, and tell some spooky stories.  Have the kids tell their own stories.  Camp out in the family room for that extra bit of fun.


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