Fitness Mom: Create Your Own At Home Gym


It is no secret that I love to workout, particularly lifting heavy weights. Lately I have been trying to incorporate new pieces to use during my at home workouts, so no excuse for me NOT to get a workout in. Being a single mom, sometimes at home before work is my only chance to get a workout in. Since I know it is not feasible for us to go to the gym every day, I wanted to share with you all a few of my favorite things I plan to add to my at home workout routines!

  1. Sandbag. These are such an amazing idea!! You can do a FULL body workout with a simple sandbag! Squats, weighted lunges, military shoulder press, I could seriously go on and on. You can use these indoors (make sure you get a high quality sandbag or else your kids will be thrilled at their new indoor sandbox), outdoors, take with you traveling, etc! You determine the weight you want by how much sand you use, so they adjust to your improving fitness level! Prices for sandbags start at about $50 and go up. I personally plan to get mine from
  2. Kamagon Ball. I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what the heck a Kamagon Ball is! Well, let me tell ya! I came across this product a year or so ago via facebook (love social networking). And honestly, this has got to be one of the coolest ideas out there! It is a water filled medicine ball with handles. To me I think of a kettle bell but safer, seriously would rather my kids drop this on their toe verse a 30lb metal kettle bell! I could write all day about this product, but you need to check it out for yourself! Price starts at $149. Check out their website to see what all you can do with this amazing product!
  3. Spin Bike. Now, if you already have an outdoor bike that would be my first choice too. But I’m thinking about mornings Im up before most normal people and my kids are sound asleep in bed. I really like spin bikes for indoor cardio for a couple reasons. You can do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or you can do Steady State cardio, depending on your goals. And on a spin bike and you can usually go longer without feeling so exhausted so soon. I personally don’t have a favorite brand here, but go for the best deal. Check Craig’s List (that is what I did) for a great deal on a quality spin bike. Main things to look for; smooth wheel movement, resistance, and a comfy seat! Turn on some good music (or your IPod when kids are sleeping) and go for a ride around the mountains in your living room! Prices can range from $100 on up to $500 for a used professional quality spin bike.
  4. TRX. This is another one of those wonderful “why didn’t I think of that” items! It is a suspension training system. You can hang this off a tree, a rafter, or they even have a way for you to use this in an indoor door way. I personally love to incorporate this to my workouts for abs and other stability type core training. Another reason I love this piece, is that it travels VERY well! It’s light weight and you can virtually use this anywhere! This is a pricey piece, starting at $199, but really worth it for a great at home workout set up!
  5. Pull Up Bar. Pull ups are a challenge but an amazing upper body workout! One of my FAVORITES! These are very inexpensive and fit into most door ways. I got mine from WalMart for under $20. If you are new to doing pull ups a great way to start is by putting a chair under you and using one foot for support. The more you do the more you strengthen your upper body and eventually you can kick that chair out of your way! Another cool thing about these is if you take it out of your doorway and place it on the floor, you can use it as a push up bar (thank you P90x for that idea!).
  6. Yoga Mat. After you squat with your sandbag, throw around the Kamagon Ball, work your core on the TRX, do a few pull ups, and spin your heart out, you NEED to stretch! So so important! And of course the most comfortable way to do so is on a nice squishy yoga mat! Incorporate some Vinyasa Yoga moves in your stretching as well for an extra added bonus at the end of your workout! These are inexpensive and you can find them almost everywhere! Walmart, Target,, etc. These range in price from $10 on up. I believe I paid $20 for mine at Target.

So for under $600 you can have a fully functional, effective at home gym! Buy a little at a time to build up your fitness level and in no time you will be a pro in your own living room.


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