Fewer Teens are Getting their License: What Age were You?


Sitting with my friend and her 17-year-old son I was surprised to discover why she was still shuttling him around…..he never got his license.

I remember turning 15 and immediately getting my permit, and a rite of passage right after my 16th birthday was sweating out the test at the DMV. Only to emerge happy and proud to have a real drivers license.

My friend’s son isn’t the only one.

Without one significant reason to cite, the percentage of teens with a driver’s license has fallen significantly over the past few decades. High gas and insurance prices to more of a willingness to be driven around, kids today aren’t rushing to the DMV.

New studies from the Federal Highway Administration and the Census Bureau show that about 28 percent of 16-year-olds had their driver’s license in 2010, compared with about 46 percent of 16-year-olds who were licensed drivers in 1983.

Read more HERE.

When did you get your license? Are your kids interested in getting their license or are they fine with you driving them around?


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