Featured Park: Thorndale Park


Thorndale Park lies at 24th and Uintah, under a wonderful canopy of mature shade. This spacious park
boasts a great playground, a huge grassy field, sports facilities, and more.

The playground not only offers the classic staples of swings (no squeaks here!), a giant tic-tac-toe
game and the little kid/ big kid playgrounds, but also a few surprises. Sandboxes fill two corners of the
playground, so bring a bucket and shovel for optimal enjoyment. Although some mulch has crept in, the
sand is fairly clean. Budding climbers will especially enjoy this park. One faux-rock tunnel structure rises
out of the sand like Pride Rock. This is prime lion-playing territory, folks. Red simply enjoyed running
around the tunnel and (of course) yelling at the top of his lungs. Oh, two year olds.

The other delight for climbers is a stage coach figure. I took a turn sitting inside for a couple minutes.
It was awesome, but where is John Wayne when you need him? I went ahead and hummed Five Mile
Creek’s theme song to myself to enhance the experience.

For adults, Thorndale Park offers a baseball diamond, tennis courts, and a basketball court plus a
gigantic field (ultimate Frisbee, anyone?) There is one medium-sized pavilion for parties and several
picnic tables dotted around the playground. Bathrooms are available.

One downside to the playground is that Uintah gets pretty busy-the street noise was loud. But then
again, so was my toddler. Happy playing!

Address: 2310 W Uintah St, Colorado Springs, CO 80904
Public bathrooms: Yes
Picnic area: Yes
Sports facilities: Yes
Bike path: No

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