Featured Park: America the Beautiful


If you have ever noticed the large circular structure in an expansive field off 1-25 between Colorado and Cimarron, you’ve noticed America the Beautiful Park. Don’t let the Stargate-like appearance mislead you; the structure is a beautiful fountain in the summer. This park offers a large field (notorious for hosting events and races year-round), a good-sized pavilion and a great playground. Plus, its central location provides trail access to numerous trails, not to mention buzzing downtown Colorado Springs.

The playground is one of the larger in town. It has plenty to keep kiddos preoccupied– one side of the playground features a futuristic-looking set with lots to swing on and climb. The other side holds more normal sets, but they’re both plenty popular. There’s a variety of slides, balances beams, individual spinners, steering wheels and more. The sets have dips, holes and strainers– perfect for dumping mulch through. One hill on the side of the playground is finished in the soft recycled rubber surface to prevent major boo-boos. Little ones love the cushy feel under their feet! With so much to explore, your children won’t get bored easily here.

America the Beautiful Park is equipped with bathrooms and a large pavilion for shade and parties. Of course, the playground has several picnic tables as well. If you have some energy, pack up the bikes and go for a ride before settling at the playground for a picnic.

Address: 126 Cimino Drive,Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903
Bathrooms: Yes
Bike path: Yes
Pavilion: Yes
Sports facilities: No


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