Exercising Outside Is Better For You!


Exercising outside is the best thing you can do for yourself. Tina Vindum, founder of Outdoor Action Fitness, an outdoor-fitness instruction program in Marin County, California says, “Outdoor workouts can burn more calories per minute and tone your muscles more completely than doing the same thing inside.” This is great for all us gals in Colorado, during the summer and parts of spring and fall, but winter is a tough time to get outside. Between snow and arctic blasts it ends up being difficult to find a good time to get outside.

Here are some great exercise clothes to keep you warm in winter while you exercise. North Face has this great pullover that is quick drying and keeps you warm. There are lots of cold-weather running tights to choose from, but these Under Armour Tights are sure to keep you moving. These Mizuno Arm Warmers & Gloves are prefect for keeping your arms and hands warm during winter runs. Drymax has great cold weather socks, they’ll keep you warm and dry.

Do you exercise outside in the winter? How do you stay warm?


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