Every Ivy League School Accepted Him, He Chose None of Them


This incredibly smart student, Ronald Nelson, was accepted into all eight Ivy League schools.  He took his time choosing, but this week he finally decided. He said no to all of the schools. Instead he chose the University of Alabama. His reasoning shows he is wise beyond his years.




Nelson has a 4.58 GPA, took 15 Advanced Placement courses, made a 2260 out of 2400 on the SAT, plays the sax, and is president of student council. Why did he turn down all the Ivy League schools? Money. He said that none of them offered him a scholarship.  He decided to accept a full scholarship from the University of Alabama.  On top of that he was accepted into their honors program which will offer him many opportunities.

The Tennessee student said he didn’t want to be saddled with debt and that he was planning on attending medical school after his four years were up.  This kid is definitely going places.




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