Easy Philly Cheese Steak Style Sandwich


An easy philly cheese steak style sandwich recipe. A hearty sandwich that is super easy to make and is an inexpensive alternative to going to a local sandwich shop.





1/2 lb Boars Head Roast Beef (sliced into strips)

1 Green Bell Pepper or 2-3 Jalapenos (julienne)

1/2 Onion (julienne)

4-5 Baby Portobello Mushrooms (sliced)

Salt, Pepper & Cayenne Pepper

Provolone Cheese (I prefer the Sarengento thin sliced)

Hoagie or French Bagette

Sauté vegetables in some olive oil until tender, seasoning with salt, pepper and cayenne. Add sliced roast beef and add some more pepper and cayenne to taste. Remove from heat after 3-5 minutes. Warm bread in oven for a few minutes. Add cheese slices, meat and vegetable mixture. I add a little mayo before putting the cheese on my sandwich. Serve with your favorite chips and enjoy!


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