Easiest Way to Make and Store Baby Food


When I found out I was having twins, finding ways to save money and being organized went right to the top of my list of priorities. I was amazed to discover how easy it is to make and store your own baby food, and you will too. Give it a try and you will never buy another overpriced jar of food with mystery ingredients.

My favorite (and my kids too) is sweet potatoes.

1. Bake sweet potatoes on sheet pan for 1 hour at 400 degrees. You can do this anytime during the day while you are busy with baby. No need to poke holes or anything. Just pop them in and let them cook. When they are ready a knife should poke them easily all the way through. You want them nice and soft. You can peel the skin off the potatoes after they are done cooking. The skin pulls off easily with your hands.

2. Blend with a little water. Be careful. You can always add more, but you can’t take it out. I love the baby bullet.

3. Line a 9×13 baking dish with silicone cupcake cups. Pour sweet potato puree into cups. Cover baking dish and freeze overnight. They are the perfect 2oz serving! I found mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond for $5.

4. Easily separate cups from food and drop them all into a gallon freezer bag. I made this applesauce earlier. Don’t’ forget to label the bag with what it is and the date created.

5. Store all your goodies in a tub in the freezer (safe for one month). Keep a few fresh bowls ready to go in the fridge (safe for 1 week). Yep, that’s the pink tub I got at the hospital.

6. Quickly prepare bowls ready to serve by dropping one or two into a plastic container to thaw in the fridge or out at room temp. I love these Rubbermaid (BPA free) screw-on top ones. I think they come in a 3 pack for $2.50 at Wal-Mart. Make a variety of options to store in the freezer and combine flavors when you bring them out to thaw – peas and carrots, bananas and blueberries – make it your own! Now that my twins are ready for the squeeze packets I’ve been having fun with this squeeze packet maker by Infantino (Babies R Us $25)




Meet Emily Brumley: I’m a mother of three, fun and silly girls – a 7 year old firecracker and giggly one year old twins. I’m the owner and photographer of M Photography and have been blessed capturing families and their journey for the past 14 years. I enjoy, cooking and baking with my oldest, a good workout, sewing up something super frilly, and date nights with my husband.


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