Does Valentine’s Day really have to rot your kids teeth?


It’s that sweet time of year when love is in the air, red roses are lavish, and candy is abundant. Copious amounts of treats line the isles of stores ranging from those beautiful heart-shaped boxes of creamy chocolates to conversation hearts, my childhood favorites.

As a mom, I dread candy-saturated holidays. A trip to Target is an exercise of my ability to say no more than 100 times to requests for these overly-processed, arti?cially dye ridden, sugary temptations. Mommy guilt always gets the best of me as I want my kids to have
the opportunity to participate in this sweet holiday along with their friends.

Here are three ideas for healthier sweets to give your little Valentines:

1. Skip the box and buy a bar. Instead of a mixed box of chocolates, how about a bar of really delicious, organic chocolate from Dagoba Chocolate. These bars are available in many different ?avors and made of all natural and organic ingredients. You may get a smaller amount for your money but you’ll end up with a tastier and healthier treat.

2. Buy in bulk and save money. Many health food stores have a bulk section which includes yummy candy. I know that our local Whole Foods bulk section sells all natural gummy hearts year round, as well as individually wrapped organic lollypops (which can easily be taped to Valentine’s Day cards or slipped into card boxes).

3. Make your own treats. How about making some heart shaped sugar cookies colored pink with plant based food dye. An easier idea is to buy a carton of beautiful organic strawberries, melt down natural chocolate and make your own chocolate covered strawberries.

While these options may cost a little extra and could possibly take a few more minutes to prepare, I can assure you they will be well appreciated by your little Valentines. You will also feel comfortable knowing that your kids are eating healthy while still thoroughly enjoying this very sweet holiday.


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