Do It Yourself lunchable. An inexpensive, and fun alternative to processed store bought lunches. As a mother, new to having a school aged child I wanted an alternative to the same old boring lunch. So I decided to create my own lunchables. I went in search of a 4 compartment reusable box that would fit in my child’s vintage lunch box. I had no luck in any of the stores I went to. Luckily Amazon to the rescue! I purchased the lunchbot and a set of to-go silverware. I also purchased some small cookie cutters at Willowstone Antique Marketplace, all of which easily obtainable, and inexpensive.pic

I was now ready to create lunchables for my kindergartener, but what about ingredients? I have a peanut butter and nutella loving child, so that’s one option. Then I thought, what if he wants lunchmeat and crackers like a typical store bought lunchable. So I took a visit to the grocery store deli counter and had a chunk of ham sliced 1/2-1 inch thick. The other option is leftovers from his favorite dinners and of course some sort of sweet treat. I rotate between water and capri suns for his beverage.

Some of the combos I created were:

Ham, Crackers, Pickles and Mini Cookies

Macaroni & Cheese, Ham and Mini Cookies

1 Yoda Peanut Butter sandwich, 1 Darth Vader Nutella sandwich, Chips and a Chocolate and Peanut Trail Mix

2 Yoda Peanut Butter sandwiches, Chips and M&M’s

Deli Ham rolled with Pretzel stick skewer, Pickles and Nerds

Peanut Butter and Nutella “Sushi”, Pretzels, Pickles and Mini Candy Bar

Chicken Tacos & Mini Oreos (cilantro lime chicken, mini flour tortillas I cut with a small round cookie cutter and shredded cheese)


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