DIY Valentine Decor


If you’re looking for a unique and simple piece to add to your Valentine’s Day decor, this pallet wood craft is for you!






There are four pieces that make up the interior of the sign- two front pieces (20 inches) and two back pieces for structure.  You don’t need to measure exactly for the two smaller pieces, they just need to mount to the back for support.

I used wood glue and 3/4 inch staples to adhere the structure pieces.

For the sides of the trim, I cut two pieces that are exactly the width of the sign- (the measurement for the trim pieces will be different depending on the pallet slats you are using).  I measured for the top and bottom trim pieces once the side trim was attached to get a perfect fit.  Then I glued and stapled with 3/4 inch nails.  Once the glue was dry, I sanded and used an exterior wood stain.

I found these pre-assembled pearl letters at Michael’s for $1.50 each.

I also found these stamped doilies at Michael’s in the Valentine’s aisle, and they were 40% off!

I hot-glued the letters and doily and before I knew it, I had a romantic sign to add a little love to my home during the month of February.  And it was so easy, I’m tempted to make another that says, “XOXO.”  By the way, if you’re not interested in building a sign, or you don’t have the tools, the craft stores are full of pre-made pallet signs that you can personalize.  The point is- get creative and have fun.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


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