DIY Holiday Pallet Signs


If someone had told me years ago that I’d eventually be the type of gal that has a pile of scrap wood in her garage, I wouldn’t have been able to contain my laughter.  But life is indeed funny that way, and so here we are.

A few weeks ago, I was wandering the aisles at Hobby Lobby when I came across the most adorable holiday sign made from reclaimed wood.  The only problem was its hefty price tag of $50.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  So I decided to make my own for a fraction of the price out of inexpensive (or free, depending on where you’re getting it from) pallet wood and craft paper.

My husband and I started the project by breaking down the pallets using a sawzall with a metal blade to cut through the nails, and we picked 3 of the nicest looking boards out of the bunch.  Pallets come in various sizes so you’ll need to be prepared to cut your boards to your desired size.  We cut ours to roughly 10″ by 30″ and then placed the 3 boards side by side, attaching them together on the back using scrap wood.



I decided to use wood glue and staples for this project.  Nothing irritates me more than the weak construction of anything, and I want this to last.  Before stapling the support wood on the back, be sure to measure your staples.  You don’t want staples that are longer than your boards because they will shoot out of the front of the sign.



Next we used the table saw to cut the trim boards to 1 1/2″ and stapled them to the board.  The size of your trim will vary depending on the size of the sign.


Be sure to expose the rough, weathered edge of the trim as opposed to the side of the trim that was freshly cut so that you have a uniformed look.


I used hard cardboard letters from the craft store to spell out the word, “BOO.”  Wood letter would work too.  This is where the craft really gets fun because you can choose any word for any holiday and the variety of craft paper is endless.  Simply trace and cut the letter out and Mod Podge the paper over the letter.  Be sure to cover the entire letter with the glue so that it seals and protects it from the elements.



A paint brush works well for the initial coverage, but I find that my fingers are the best tools for sealing the paper to the letter.  There will be bubbles and creases that you’ll need to push pretty hard to iron out.  This part of the project takes a little patience, but the outcome is totally worth it.

Once the letters have dried, place them on the board and use a ruler to be sure they’re level.  You can either use wood glue or staples to attach them.




Don’t hate me for posting this one week before Hallwoeen, but the project was so inexpensive and easy that I went ahead and made one for Christmas too.



Like I said- the possibilities truly are endless.  (Just think…”XOXO” for Valentine’s Day, “HOP” for Easter, “LUCKY” for St. Patrick’s Day…all with their coordinating craft paper.)  Oh- and I haven’t done this yet to my signs…but imagine how easy it would be to add some DIY marquee lights. Whatever you choose to do, just have fun!

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