Diner Owner Screams at Toddler For Crying


Tara and John Carson were recently on vacation in Portland, Maine when they stopped in to a local diner for breakfast.  They had their 2-year-old daughter with them, and ordered her some pancakes.  The toddler was fussy that morning, and was crying in the restaurant (we’ve all been there!)





The parents said after about 10 minutes of trying to console her, the owner of the diner, Darla Neugebauer slapped her hands down on the counter, pointed at the toddler and screamed at her to “shut the hell up” and continued yelling and pointing while screaming that “this needed to stop”.  The child was so shocked, she stopped.

The mother posted about their experience on Marcy’s Diner’s Facebook page accusing the owner of being a lunatic. Neugebauer responded by saying “you are lucky I didn’t get really *blank* nuts because being physical is not something I cower from.”



Marcy’s Diner’s Facebook page has been a buzz ever since with comments for and against the owner’s behavior.


diner1 diner2


What do you think of this owner’s behavior?  As a business owner, did she have the right to yell at a toddler who was fussy in her restaurant? Should the parents have left before it escalated? 




  1. Good job Restaurant owner. One meal ticket isnt worth the 5 that will walk from the noise. It is a parents responsibility to remove the child. No matter what the age or reason you do not disrupt and disrespect the harmony of a public establishment. I dont care what stage of eating or shopping or visiting you are at, you should remove your child from the environment it is disrupting. The child will be better for it and because of it, usually with an immediate change in demeanor. If they dont change then you take them somewhere private and away from people, even if that means home.


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