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My daughter is 7 and already has crooked teeth. When should she see an orthodontist? And how do I get her to clean her teeth properly with those difficult teeth?

As to the orthodontist portion of her question:

This is a difficult question to answer without seeing your daughter in person. However, now is not too soon. She may need to have some expansion done to make her jaws a little wider in order to accomodate her crowded teeth. Dr. Calvin, who specializes in correcting young crooked teeth, is happy to offer you a complimentary consultation to evaluate your daughter's teeth. Dr. Calvin works at the North Union office. You may schedule an appointment by calling his office at 719-633-2266.


As to the cleaning portion of her question, Nancy Rogers, RDH had this to say:

Purchase a small soft toothbrush that fits your childs mouth, and use just a pea-size amount of toothpaste. Have your child brush her teeth after meals and before bed. Also brush your child's teeth once daily with no toothpaste, being sure to thoroughly brush the gumline and all surfaces, front and back. Floss your childs teeth daily, preferably before bedtime.

Limit snacking (especially sweets) in-between meals. If possible, brush after snacks.

Take your child to see the Dentist two times a year. And check with your Dentist to be sure your child has an adequate amount of fluoride to help protect against tooth decay, as crowded teeth are more suseptible to tooth decay.



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James Calvin, DDS
Dr. James Calvin grew up in Colorado and graduated from Colorado University with a Bachelor's degree in Dentistry in 1989. He completed his residency in The United States Army and was an Army dentist for 4 years. He then started his own practice in 1993, which lead to the ownership of Associates in Dental Care.

Dr. Stephen Calendine

Dr. Stephen Calendine grew up in Ohio and graduated from Ohio State University with a Bachelor's degree in Dentistry in 1987. He completed his residency at Langley Air Force Base and was an Air Force dentist for 5 years. In 1993 he started his own practice in North Carolina and was on the Sports Medicine team at Duke University. He moved to Colorado and joined Associates in Dental Care in 2000.

Dr. Brian Elliott

A Dental practitioner since 2000, Dr. Brian Elliott has spent most of his 36 years here in the state of Colorado. As a graduate of Marquette University School of Dentistry, Dr. Elliott prides himself in the education of you, the patient, in addition to being able to provide a wealth of treatment options from which to choose from. Dr. Elliotts interests include camping, fishing, bowling, golfing, dancing and spending time with his nieces and nephews.