{Crafty Mama} Serger Review

If you are looking into purchasing a serger, but trying to keep costs low there are 2 that come to the top of the search list.  
The Singer Professional 5 
Amazon Price 419.95
and the Brother 1034D
Amazon Price 189.92
I have owned both (within the last 4 months) and have an honest new user analysis.
Originally I bought the Singer Pro 5.  I was drawn to this machine for some great, and some not so great reasons.  First was price…. If I am honest, I will admit that I think that if something costs more, it should be better…. you get what you pay for right?  I also was drawn to the feature that the Pro 5 can be re-threaded into a cover stitch machine.  This seemed to make more sense to me than eventually purchasing a cover-stitch in addition to my serger.
After hours spent reading over the manual, and threading the singer,  then months using it as a 3 and 4 thread serger, and also occasionally as a coverstitch,  I decided that the singer was not worth my frustration, and money.  
In my opinion, there seemed to be too much going on with the machine.  It takes forever to switch to coverstitch mode and the tensions would not stay consistent.  It was a constant battle.
Next it was time to try out the Brother.
Pulling everything out of the box and inspecting it I loved that the brother was threaded with colored thread.  This made it easy to jump right in and see how the stitches came together.


Upon watching the videos (about 45 minutes worth) I was able to tie on the new thread and pull it through to an easy 3 thread serge.
Within about 5 minutes from there, I was serging!  With tensions working and a nice balanced stitch!
This was already going smoother than 2 months into the singer. 



Now I haven’t tried all the stitches and feet that came with the Brother yet, but based on the ease of getting started, and the user friendly videos.  I highly recommend the Brother 1034d.  It is also worth saving a little more money and purchasing a separate coverstitch machine and not having to take the 30 minutes to re-thread.  
Sergers open up a whole new world in your crafting and creating realm.  Before you know it you’ll be making great outfits and items for yourself and for family and friends!
This post was not sponsored by Brother, these are my own opinions on both products mentioned.
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