Controversial Punishment For Poor Math Grades Has Some Parents Divided


As parents, we all have different ways of disciplining our children when it comes to poor behavior, disrespect, or in this case a less than ideal school grade.  One parent chose a unique way to punish their daughter after she received a D- in Math on her report card, and it has parents debating whether it’s effective or not.




Reddit user FistFullofCookies posted a photo of his or her daughter’s cell phone inside a glass frame. The parent wrote, “My daughter is currently pulling a D- in math. This is her phone.” The framed phone has flames around it, and below it, the message, “In Case of ‘B’ Break Glass.”

The photo has gone viral with close to 4 million views and over 900 comments.  Parents are divided with their responses. Some giving kudos to the parent for creative parenting, and others not so thrilled with the form of discipline.

Here are some comments FOR the punishment:

  • “Fine parenting in progress.”
  • “A good move. I hope the parents are also helping as much as they can as well. Sitting down and tutoring a bit.”
  • “That’s grade ‘A’ parenting.”
  • “As a teacher.. THANK YOU GOD!! Can I hug you? We need more parents like you.”

Some comments AGAINST the punishment:

  • “Reward for the effort for the grades, not the grades themselves.”
  • “Or you could, you know, try to help her with her problem and not exacerbate the problem.”
  • “Ah yes negative reinforcement, always proven to work… or wait maybe she’ll just hate you for it.”
  • “Motivating with a monetary reward only works for manual tasks. Spend the money on a good tutor instead.”

Personally, I know when my teenage daughters are struggling with their grades, it is usually because they are distracted by their electronics, which we end up taking away.  Isn’t this just another form of taking their phone away?

What is your stance on it?  Bravo or Boo?


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