Colorado Springs Family Creates Peyton Manning Spoof to Popular Jingle


What do you get when you cross a popular commercial jingle with a die hard Bronco/Peyton Manning loving family from Colorado Springs?  A spoof on the popular “Nationwide is on your side” slogan.

The Broncos may not have made it to the Superbowl this year, but this family wanted Peyton Manning to know they’re still his biggest fans.

The kids often hum the tune to the popular Nationwide jingle, and began making up their own lyrics to it.

“You’re the greatest of all time,”

“That’s OK, we still love you.”

“We’ll cheer louder next season.”

These are the words they sing to their football hero, and dad decided to catch it on video. Check it out for yourself!  Go Broncos! (next year, that is)


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