Colorado Mom of Six Battles Cancer, Refuses to End Pregnancy


One Bayfield, Colorado mom has been through a rollercoaster of emotions this past year.  At 10 weeks in to her sixth pregnancy, Heather Choate received a devastating diagnosis.  She had breast cancer.

Doctors advised Heather to end her pregnancy to save her own life, but she refused, saying she would rather die than to do that to her unborn child.

This month, not only did Heather give birth to her healthy baby girl, but the family received a double dose of good news.  Scans showed that Heather is also now cancer-free.  Heather had undergone surgery and chemotherapy while pregnant.

“I just got tears… in my eyes because that means we’ve done it — we have a baby here and things are looking good,” Heather said.

There is still a long road ahead of more chemotherapy and radiation, but things are looking positive for the Choate family, and we couldn’t be happier for them!



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