Check out our NEW play dates group on Facebook!


Check out our NEW Playdate Group on Facebook!

The new Playdate Group is a place to suggest, plan and find playdates in the 719 region. was created for moms by moms. As 719 moms we are constantly looking for ways to connect, share tips, get recipes, learn from each other etc. That’s what we’re here for!

This is a “closed group” which means you have to be invited or accepted into the group by the adminstrators. Just click on the link below and ask to “join” the group if you are not already a member. You can then invite your friends and other local 719moms to the group! Please enjoy this group and keep it friendly and safe.


Be sure to read the “Rules and Information” document before posting or planning a play date. Thanks for being a part of our awesome community! organized events/play dates will have personnel at the event, but other play dates, coordinated by other participants, will not be facilitated by is not responsible for activities at events/play dates not coordinated by and staff.


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