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An Australian mother says she knows what she is doing and has no problem breastfeeding her six-year-old daughter.  Maha Al Musa says she has raised three healthy, well-adjusted, and intelligent children. However, some people don’t quite agree with her.




The 52-year-old mom doesn’t think this is an attack on breastfeeding, but an attack on women. “This isn’t about breastfeeding children. This is about attack and disrespect of the feminine.” She has posted much of her experience on her Facebook page and that is where she said most of the attacks come from.

Her is one of the worst:

“unbelievable how you could just breastfeed a 6 year old girl I think you are sick in the head you need to see a therapist when kids in school find out that that girl is sucking on her moms boob she’s going to be criticized harassed bullied and you don’t even think about things consequences or actions like that you just don’t care all you care about is yourselfyou need help. I think you are a sick individual and I hope one day you will realize that you have hurt your child for the long termbecause she will most definitely have mental and emotional problems from thisso good job Mother of the Year which you are not!”

She did say that she may decide to only breastfeed her daughter at night after she turns seven.

What do you think about breastfeeding a six-year-old? Should this mom have stopped long before her daughter was this old?


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Chemicals that are usually found in dust have been found to trigger a receptor that is linked with obesity.  The substances that cause the dust to be fat inducing are found in various home and garages.

According to a study out of Duke University, the chemicals activate a receptor that regulates how the body metabolizes fat.  The substance is frequently found in flame retardants (used in some bedding, curtains, sofas, etc.), lubricants, hydraulic fluids and plastics.

The researchers believe that chemicals have a strong influence on weight gain.  The lead scientist in the study, Heather Stapleton, says if children are exposed to PPARgamme during their young years it could be a cause for obesity.  The team focused on indoor dust because babies and children are constantly exposed to these contaminants.  What makes this relevant is that children ingest about 50 milligrams of household dust daily.  They found significant PPARgamme activation in more than half of their samples and it was about the same as a child’s daily dose.

“We are continuing to build on this research to determine what type of health effects may be caused by this level of activation in children,” said Dr Stapleton.

This shows the importance of keeping he floors clean, especially when you have young children who are crawling and eating everything they can get their hands on.

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According to an Oklahoma mother, her two boys, ages 5 and 7-years-old, spent the day at a splash pad with their day care. It sounds like a dream day for the kids, but the mom says their sunburns have caused extreme pain and a stay in a hospital for second and third degree burns.

Amanda Harvey said that the daycare did not make the boys wear their shirts and had no sunscreen for the children.  Her father told a local news station that it has been difficult for the entire family. The Department of Human Services is investigating and the day care has hired an attorney.  Click here to see pictures of the boys’ burns, but be warned some of these pictures are graphic.

This is a sad reminder that sunscreen is always important. Kids need their skin protected anytime they are outside for more than a few minutes.  This is especially true for those of us in Colorado where the sun shines all year round.

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I’m a mom. I have two boys who are 9 and 12.  I love them with all my heart. I like my niece and nephews. I like some of my kids’ friends.  I think most kids are annoying. Don’t judge me until you hear me out.





1.    If your kid comes to my house to play with my kids, awesome, but I really want them to play with my kids and not stand around talking to me.

2.    If I’m in a restaurant I really don’t want to hear your screaming kid. I’ll play peek a boo for a minute, but please make them turn around so I can eat my dinner in peace.

3.    Parents need to control their kids on an airplane. I hate flying and the last thing I need is a kid kicking my seat or sticking their hands through the seat.

4.    Don’t bring a talkative kid to an adult movie. I’m totally ok with kids in kid appropriate movies. If I’m at the 7:45 showing of Southpaw or Trainwreck, there should not be a young child or baby in the theater.

5.   Neighbors, please, please, please don’t send your kids to my house all afternoon or after 7 or 8 at night. Neighbors are great, but when the kids are at my house everyday, for hours at a time I feel like an unpaid babysitter. Side note, if this starts happening, I usually tell the kids they have to play outside, no one in the house.

6. Grocery stores are not playgrounds. I realize that some parents have to bring their kids along to the grocery store. If you do, make your kids stay with you, please control them. Kids don’t need to run up and down aisles or scream bloody murder.

7. Don’t let your kid be a bully on the playground. Even if they are two or three, if they are throwing wood chips or hogging the swings, they need a parent to show them how to behave. I realize that playgrounds and parks are a great place to let the kids run and get out their energy while we catch up on a book or emails. However, parents need to pay attention to their kids.

Now that I’ve gone back and read what I wrote, I think it’s just annoying kids I don’t like.  I try to keep my kids from being nuisances to other people and in public. I guess I just expect other parents to do the same.

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YouTube is full of hilarious videos of kids and pets, and people can’t seem to get enough of them! There’s just nothing quite as cute as babies playing with animals, and in this case a baby changing a cat’s diaper!






It’s a short clip, but it’s super adorable.  The baby picks up the cat like a little doll and lays in on the diaper.  When kitty doesn’t fully want to cooperate, baby picks it up and kisses it!  Let’s hope while baby is touchy/feely that kitty stays happy and doesn’t get scratchy/bleedy!

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Having three children of my own, screen time has always been a constant struggle.  I did my best when they were younger to limit the amount of time spent in front of the TV, but they sure loved their kid movies! How much is too much?  And how can the amount of time they spend in front of the TV when they’re young effect them when they’re older?  The answer may surprise you.




The average time a child spends watching television on a daily basis is approximately 1.5 hours.  According to a recently published study, every additional hour added to this, a child increases his chances of being bullied by 11%.

The study, which is published in the Journal of Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics combined data from 991 girls and 1,006 boys from Canada. Data included the amount of time spent watching TV and the behavioral characteristics of the child. Years later, when the children reached 11 or 12 years old, the researchers asked them how much bullying (physical and verbal) they received.

The results showed that children who spent more time in front of a TV screen were more likely to be bullied in their preteen years than children that pursued other interests.

Professor at the University of Montreal and author of the study Linda Pagani believes that the reason may be due to the children’s lack of socialization skills. When children are glued to the TV they miss out on socializing with siblings and parents. “Excessive viewing time during the early years can create a time debt for pursuits involving social play,” she said.

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics children over two years old should watch no more than two hours of quality TV shows a day.

It is recommend that toddlers engage in these age appropriate activities the rest of the time:

Play. Engage infants and toddlers at play. “It’s the primary way by which children should learn to make sense of the world they are in.”
Interact. Visual stimulation is important. Babies should be presented with activities requiring movement and interaction. “Children should get real-time reactions from people and things which TV cannot provide because it’s a one-way medium.”
Read your baby storybooks. Remember to also let him quietly play by himself by giving him a board book or soft blocks.

How much screen time do you allow your children?












Join us for a fun “toddler” play date at The Little Gym! Check out the details below! Space is limited so complete the form to claim your spot!

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A Georgia family was extremely upset that their 5-year-old daughter was strapped to a papoose board during a dental procedure.  The father and grandmother said they were told they couldn’t go to the exam room and were waiting in the front of the office. They heard the little girl screaming and went back to find her.  The father said he found her on the board and couldn’t handle it.



“I couldn’t see my kid in the body bag just strapped down…to bed. I couldn’t handle it.” The grandmother said, “It was awful to see her tied down like that. It hurt me.” The office said that parents sign a consent form and the parents are allowed in the room when the papoose board is in use.  However, Crow said he doesn’t remember being notified.


Grandmother, Evelyn, stated, “I said, ‘what in the world are you all doing to her? Why is she strapped down? She don’t want to cooperate…what do you mean she don’t want to cooperate, she’s only five years old?!”

According to Dr. Mary Hayes, a spokeswoman for the American Dentistry Association, the papoose board is to keep children safe during their visit to the dentist. “When it’s often used, it’s trying to prevent movement which is going to interfere with a treatment…In the emergency room when the child needs suturing, [protective] stabilization is used quite a bit.”

I am the parent of a child who doesn’t particularly care for the dentist.  My son has had to have a couple of cavities filled. His dentist offers nitrous oxide (laughing gas). They’ve always allowed me to be in the room during all procedures.  Because I’m in the room, I see the need for him to be calm and not swinging his arms or moving while the dentist does what they need to do.

In the instance above, the parent should have been allowed in the room. However, if the girl was moving around and not cooperating, the parents should have been called to make the decision about the papoose board. If it was too much for the girl to handle, they should have worked out another way to complete the procedure. The doctor is only at fault for not having the parent in the room, not for using the board.

How do your kids do at the dentist? Do they have to have nitrous oxide or a papoose board for difficult procedures?

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Sick kids can push any mom to the edge of her sanity. When your child is hurting or uncomfortable it is difficult to stay calm because you would do anything to make them feel better. Here are a few tips and tricks for getting through the sick days without losing your mind.

  • Cover up the yucky meds taste with chocolate chips. Let one or two chocolate chips melt on their tongue, give the meds, and it is usually just enough to get it down without them tasting it.
  • Dip a lollipop in the medicine, when the medicine is all taken they get to finish the lollipop.
  • Squirt the meds directly into the back of their mouth and follow up with orange juice. In our house if we do something quick and cover the offensive meds fast it ends well.
  • Use a marker to keep track of medicine doses you’ve given.
  • If your child is congested and stuffy try Vicks Vap-o-Rub on their feet and cover with socks. It works!
  • Add a couple of extra sheets to the bed in case of an accident.  Yes, it is OK to throw a towel over the mess and wait till morning to do a full clean.
  • Drink! Drink! Drink! Do whatever you can to get your kids to drink: water, juice, crushed ice with lemon, warm water with a bit of honey and lemon (this helps with a sore throat as well.
  • If they won’t or can’t eat a full meal, try small snacks: crackers, popsicles, fruits, cereal, oatmeal, soup.
  • A warm shower or bath always helps. Try adding a few drops of lavender to help make it a calming experience.
  • Marshmallows help with a sore throat.
  • Set up in front of the TV. Sick kids can leave you tired, but it is OK to set everyone up for a movie so you can catch a nap or take a shower. A day or two of Netflix binging won’t hurt. You can also download books to read on your tablet or try a new game to keep them busy.
What are your tips and tricks for helping a sick kid get better?

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Summer is awesome. All the free time is great, especially when there is no schedule and we can relax and enjoy each other.  However, 15 minutes into the summer break you will probably hear the infamous line, “I’m bored!” We’ve shared 5 Ways to Beat the Heat and Colorado’s Best Beaches to help you get out and enjoy the warm weather. Now we want to share 10 ways to beat boredom!

  1. Pack a Picnic – Let the kids help you put together a picnic lunch or dinner. If you plan in advance they can help you plan a menu and shop at the grocery store.
  2. Visit the Library – Most libraries have a summer reading program with rewards. This is the time to explore and pick out new books. The best part is this is FREE!
  3. Check out a local Thrift store – Take the kids to local thrift store like ARC or Goodwill.  There are always lots of things to look through and it is inexpensive.  They may find a shirt or new to them toy or book.
  4. Movies & Popcorn – Pick out family favorites or even a classic to watch with the kids. Popcorn and candy make this a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.
  5. Card Games – Grab a few decks of cards and try some of these kid-friendly card games.
  6. Wash the Car – Get the kids involved in keeping the family car clean.  They will love splashing around and you get a clean car out of the deal!
  7. Write a Family Newsletter – Let your kids create a family newsletter to share what is happening in the house. They can illustrate, create their on columns, and you see what they think is important enough to add to the news.
  8. Shaving Cream Fight – A few cans of shaving cream and a water hose. It’s soap and water, so technically you’re finished with bath time as well.
  9. Make a Hula Hoop Hideout – This is a super easy hideout you can make with dollar store finds.
  10. Create an Art Box – Plan ahead for bored kids by putting an art box together.  Check out this idea with stuff from the dollar store. Kids can paint, color, cut, and paste until their heart is content.