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A six-year-old girl was sent to the emergency room after she ingested enough hand sanitizer to make her drunk.  She could barely walk, was slurring her speech, and eventually fell and hit her head.  She had to stay overnight in the hospital for observation.  Thankfully, she will be fine, but this is not an isolated event and US Poison Control wants parents to be aware of the problem.



The US Poison Control says children are very tempted by hand sanitizer packaging.  It is usually brightly colored, has glitter, smells like food and candy.  Parents should not be considered with a child who licks a tiny bit off of their hands, but more than a taste can cause alcohol poisoning.

Sanitizer alcohol content ranges from 40% to 95%, with most containing over 60% ethyl alcohol.  Wine and beer only contain about 5-15% alcohol.  Be aware and take precaution with these tips from poison control.

Tips to prevent potentially harmful exposure to hand sanitizer:

  • Hand sanitizers should be kept well out of reach of children at all times, and used only with adult supervision.
  • When using hand sanitizer on yourself or others, apply a dime-sized amount to dry hands and rub hands together until completely dry.
  • If you suspect your child has ingested hand sanitizer, call Poison Help at 1-800-222-1222 immediately. Do not wait for symptoms to develop.

Most doctors recommend sanitizing wipes instead of gel or liquid sanitizer.  The best way to clean up is soap and warm water.

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Halloween is around the corner, and chances are you’ve already thought about what your little one will dress up as this year!  There are so many adorable choices out there, but have you noticed how expensive costumes are in the store?!  Yikes.  We’ve gathered some easy-on-the-budget and “spooktacular” DIY costumes for babies.  Thanks Pinterest!





Which one is your favorite?






























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This mom is doing her best to get her toddler into the great outdoors. We think both of them are pretty cool. “I want Hadlie to appreciate life and I don’t think there’s any better way for her to learn, grow and have gratitude than to be friends with Mother Earth.”

Morgan Brechler hikes mountains, climbs and repels rocks, and Hadlie, her three-year-old, is often right beside her.  According to an interview with the Daily Mail mother daughter duo has been hiking, camping, and climbing in Hawaii, Arizona, California, and many other places.  Morgan says Hadlie is just like other children and does have tantrums, but they are short and far between.

She and two other adventurous moms participated in a short documentary about their adventures with their kids. Three young mothers and their children embark on an epic adventure to explore what it means to bring family to the outdoors. Born Wild is an empowering short documentary exploring the balance between living an adventurous life and motherhood.

The duo’s adventures are documented over at Morgan’s Instagram account. Sure, we may not all be able to climb a giant rock or camp in Joshua Tree, but we can take a hike. There are plenty of spots in Colorado Springs that offer family and kid-friendly hiking. Get those kids outside and show them the beautiful side of Colorado.

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We’ve all seen the mom smacking her child on the leg in the store. He could be upset because he didn’t get a toy. Maybe he is crying because he is just super tired and a grocery store is the last place he wants to be.  Either way, spanking a child in public is a controversial topic.

Mom, Samantha Ettus, encourages other people to “Join Me in Judging.” After she witnessed a mom spanking her child, she decided to speak out. “I did what I always do when I see someone hitting a child, I approached her. “That is no way to treat a human being.” I exclaimed, my heart beating so fast as I ached for the child. “Mind your own business” she replied and kept whacking.”

What should she say in response? Her husband helped her and it was only one line: “Children are everyone’s business.” That’s it, bottom line.

Maybe you spank and have no problem with it, but you can’t deny that an angry person smacking their child in public is not right. People who spank acknowledge that it isn’t an angry response or done while a parent is upset.  Many people who spank say they only do it to quickly get the child’s attention.

For instance, if a child starts to run into a parking lot the mother will quickly grab the child up. Some moms would smack the child on the behind and the idea is that a child won’t soon forget the consequences of running into a street. If it wasn’t a mother grabbing them up, it could be a car running over them.

Those parents who don’t agree with spanking will most definitely have a more difficult time seeing parents spank a child in public.  It is one of those controversies that probably won’t end any time soon.  Here is the question for you moms out there:

If you are for spanking, do you do it in public? How would you react if someone said something to you?

If you are against spanking, do you speak out when you see public spanking? How do you justify intervening? 

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Whooping cough, or pertussis, is on the rice in the United States.  In 2012, there were over 48,000 reported cases, the highest number since 1955, according to the CDC.  For many years mothers were blamed for passing the infections to their children, but now older children are the main source.

A recent study found that the newest whooping cough vaccine doesn’t last as long as the older vaccine. The switch was made over a period of years during the 1990s.  One of the study’s authors, Tami Skoff, said the vaccine is effective in the short term, but children must get boosters even after their last dose which is usually around 5-years-old.

Even though vaccinated children can catch whooping cough, the effects are not as severe as they would be to an unvaccinated child.  However, they can also pass the infection to infants who are unable to receive the vaccine.  Over half of children under 1-year-old who have whooping cough end up in the hospital.

The CDC and most medical doctors recommend the following steps in order to protect infants from this dangerous infection.

  • Get a pertussis booster during pregnancy. Mothers should receive the Tdap during their third trimester and anyone living in the home with the infant should be up to date on their boosters.  Research has found that the vaccine is safe during pregnancy.
  • All Americans ages 11-years and older should have at least one Tdap booster.
  • Go to the doctor or hospital as soon as you see signs of whooping cough. Pertussis is generally treated with antibiotics, which are used to control the symptoms and to prevent infected people from spreading the disease.

Click here for more information on how to identify, treat, and prevent Whooping cough.

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This should be obvious to all parents. Everyone is happier when everyone helps out.  Sure, there may still be 13 people who think women should do all the childcare related work, but most men realize they need to help. Just in case you need proof here you go.



A recent study found when couples share childcare responsibilities they have better relationships and better sex.  The study out of Georgia State University included 487 heterosexual couples.  They were divided into three groups: women did all the childcare work, men did all the childcare work, couples shared all of the childcare work.  In the end the group where women did most or all of the childcare related work reported the “lowest quality relationships and sex lives.”

Assistant professor of sociology Daniel L. Carlson, stated that being an engaged father is important to men. “If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see such a high level of satisfaction,” he says. “It suggests that father engagement and sharing child care with one’s partner is important to both sexes.”

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Lunchables hit grocery stores in 1988 and kids everywhere wanted them. They started out as a way to sell more bologna. Now there are over 26 different varieties of Lunchables and they include breakfast, pizza, chicken nuggets, and so much more.

Growing up, I didn’t get Lunchables, because they were too expensive and seriously, that is not enough food for an entire meal.  I guess I wasn’t the only one. Buzzfeed found some adults who were up for trying Lunchables as adults.  What do you think?

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The “experts” are at it again, micromanaging every part of parenting.  This time one of them wants you to stop kissing your babies and kids on the lips. Why? It is “too sexual.”





Dr. Charlotte Reznick, author of The Power Of Your Child’s Imagination: How To Transform Stress And Anxiety Into Joy And Success says, “The kiss on the lips can be stimulating … It’s just too confusing. If mommy kisses daddy on the mouth and vice versa, what does that mean, when I, a little girl or boy, kiss my parents on the mouth? If I had to answer when to stop kissing your kids on the lips, it would be now.”

Basically, if you kiss your kids on the lips, it confuses them, and could stimulate them? What about all that time we spend breastfeeding, co-sleeping, hugging, bathing, etc.? This one “expert” has her opinion, but thankfully there are others who say her opinion is not the end all.

Dr. PsychMom says kissing your kids on the lips is just fine and most kids will grow out of it. “As soon as your kids pull away or show that they are not comfortable kissing you on the lips, don’t kiss them on the lips anymore.” Simple as that.

Harry Connick, Jr. came under fire for kissing his 8-year-old daughter, but most people just saw a loving father.  Now, when Bill Belichick kissed his 30-year-old daughter after winning the Super Bowl, the internet wasn’t so kind.  Some people defended him saying he came from a culture where men kiss men in friendship and affection is a normal part of life.

Do it or don’t do it, but don’t try to take something sweet and innocent and make it creepy. What do you think: Kiss on the lips or no way?
This is just fine. Harry Connick, Jr. with 8-year-old daughter.
This is just fine. Harry Connick, Jr. with 8-year-old daughter.
This might creep you out, but Bill Belichick kissing his 30-year-old daughter could be attributed to a culture of affection.
This might creep you out, but Bill Belichick kissing his 30-year-old daughter could be attributed to a culture of affection.

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Bedtime: parents look forward to it, but often dread the routine. The kids are either starving to death or super thirsty.  They may need to do just one more thing or want to watch one more YouTube video.  There is always the reading of the book. They want just one more page, one more book.  This may be where mom or dad end up on the floor thinking this kid just needs to go to sleep or I’m gonna lose it. Don’t go there yet, someone is claiming to have your bedtime struggles solved.



What if one book could put your kid to sleep in three minutes? Would you buy it? So far, this book is headed to the top of the charts and is the very first self-published work to top Amazon charts.  The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep by Swedish behavioural psychologist Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin is sure to be your next purchase.

Yes, this works, but Ehrlin says there are instructions and specific rules for making this book work.  He says specific words and phrases need to be emphasized and read slowly and calmly.  He says it is “the verbal equivalent of rocking a baby to sleep.

Parents who have bought the book deliver high praise in Amazon reviews.  Some recommend the audio book version. Most say it is hypnotizing and similar to guided meditation.




Would you try this book out with your kids?

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She had me at “no more stepping on LEGOS.” When she described a playroom filled with toys that no one really plays with, I felt a little guilty.  Then she started saying crazy stuff like one Thomas train is enough and you don’t need a lot of books and I thought, this lady has lost her mind. However, I read her story and she makes sense.  I agree with most of what she is pushing, but I don’t think you can have too many books and my son really did need the birthday Thomas.



Smart mom, Denaye Barahona,  decided to tell her story about getting rid of too many toys.  She believed that the toys were taking over her home and decided to simplify. Instead of just buying toys, she wanted to buy meaningful toys. Her son has art related toys, music related toys, building toys, and the focus is quality over quantity.

Even at the age of 20 months her son learns to clean his space and having a clutter free playroom helps him achieve that.  She also has an incredible “one in, one out” toy policy. A new toy comes in, but an old one goes out. How is that for achieving balance?

This mom understands that it isn’t how much stuff a kid has, but how they play, I get that and respect her for making the tough choices, like which Thomas to bring home.

What do you think of this minimal toy policy? Do you think this is something you could do in your home?