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At D1 they say it takes 8 weeks to see a change in your body. When I started that seemed like an eternity. I also didn’t know what they meant by a change. I was hoping it would be a miraculous change as in wearing size 4 jeans again. I admit that was an ambitious hope, but hey a girl can wish.




This is a photo of me at the end of my 8th week at D1. I think I now know what they mean by change. I have a long way to go to the size 4 but man I’m really happy with the results so far! Let me tell you a few things I have learned in the last 8 weeks. I should also clarify that life happens, I have not attended 8 weeks consecutively,  I missed a few weeks due to travel and illness, but I jumped right back in when I could. I now average at least 4 classes per week.

  • If you modify your diet along with the workout you will see better results. This seems like a no-brainer, but when you are working out hard you are hungrier. I mention the food piece of this because this is my improvement without modifying my diet. Now that I can actually see that this is working, I am making diet modifications to hopefully see even better results in the next eight weeks.
  • You don’t have to lose weight to see results. I weigh more in my after picture than in my before picture. This was so frustrating to me, but now I realize muscle weighs more and my clothes fit better. As you can see, my major issue is my gut!
  • You can and must make working out a priority to see and maintain results. What I like about D1 is that they have multiple class times and you can bring your kids with you. They offer classes for kids too. Check out their schedule here. 
  • You will feel like a loser at times. In my case, I kept thinking this workout was something I would master. You don’t master it. It is challenging every single time. That is a good thing. It is the pushing every session that continues to shape your body.

We have a group of moms from My719Moms that tried out our first boot camp and we would love to see more. D1 is offering two weeks of free unlimited classes to anyone who mentions My719Moms and hasn’t been to D1 before. Give it a try, I think you will love the results!



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I just wrapped up my 2nd week of boot camp at D1 Sports Training. Don’t let the sports training fool you, I am not there because I’m an athlete, I’m not ( see my previous post here for proof). I’m here because I need to get in shape ( again, refer to post 1 for proof).

Have you ever worked out so hard you were certain you had to have lost a few pounds in that single work out? I have had a few of those days lately where I rushed home and was certain that the crazy workout had shaved off at least 1 or 2. This is not the case, BUT not to fear. What I’m learning at D1 and with my clothing is that it isn’t about pounds. It’s about inches.

Ladies, LISTEN! I’ve finished week 2 and I’m in the middle of week 3  and my clothes are fitting better! I’m firming up and I’m sore in places I didn’t even know existed. That has to be a good thing! The best part of this journey is I feel better. I feel strong and I’m proud that I’ve stepped outside of the box. In this case, I’ve jumped outside of the box. You will know what I mean when you try out D1.

What You Can Expect From a Class at D1

The biggest challenge of a D1 boot camp class is showing up for the first class. I was so scared and thought I would look like a fool. WRONG! There are people with various skill levels which includes mine ( wine drinking, cheese loving mom).

The class goes at a great pace. You do a fun warm up and then you are given a circuit of 5 or 6 exercises to do for 4 or 5 sets. It totally caters to my ADD because it’s always something different. See that picture? That’s me on the far right. I don’t look like I’m dying or anything! Yeah me. You will sweat, you will burn on average 450 calories per workout. That is awesome!! I wear a Fitbit and I burn between 410-457 per workout.

Once you start the boot camp, you will gain a little weight but lose inches.  YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. This means you are converting fat to muscle. Muscle weighs more ladies. Once you have converted to muscle, WEIGHT LOSS! Don’t forget, THE MORE MUSCLE YOU HAVE, THE MORE CALORIES YOU BURN. I’m in the middle of week three, and it’s starting to happen!

I’m barreling through week 3 and I’m loving it. A side note, the trainers are easy on the eyes, incredibly helpful and I’ve made some new friends. I’ve also joined a professional soccer league, JUST KIDDING. I’m still in the wine drinking, cheese loving mom group thank you very much!

D1 is launching a MOM’S BOOTCAMP next week. It’s starting APRIL 3 at 9:30 am. This is a great opportunity to meet moms and be ready for tank tops and sundresses by Summer!

D1 is hooking MY719MOMS BIG TIME. If you follow the link below you can get the 4-week boot camp for FREE! Slots are filling up fast, though, so give it a try. I PROMISE you will love it! STAY TUNED FOR MY WEEK 3 REVIEW, I’M GOING TO TAKE THE PLUNGE AND POST PROGRESS PICTURES.


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We recently polled moms to find out if they had talked with their kids about marijuana. While many said they had, a large number hadn’t or if they had, they felt it was a brief, ineffective conversation. Having the “sex” talk with tweens and teens can be hard, but having the “pot” talk can be just as challenging. Many of the moms we spoke with were sidelined by some of the questions and responses from their kids when they brought up marijuana. Below are three of the most common questions moms were asked by their kids and suggestions from Good To Know Colorado for how you can answer them.

1. Marijuana is all-natural so it’s ok, right?

Just because something is natural doesn’t mean it’s safe, especially for teens. Tobacco is “natural” but we all know it’s not safe. Did you know that marijuana smoke has many of the same chemicals as tobacco smoke? Smoking marijuana can make it harder to breathe and affect your coordination, lung capacity, and athletic performance. Using marijuana can hurt your brain development too. Studies have shown that teens who use marijuana regularly are more likely to have learning and memory issues. And, marijuana can be habit-forming. It’s harder to stop using marijuana if you start at a young age. So, natural doesn’t equal safe.

2. Which is worse, alcohol or marijuana?

It’s not really about which is worse. Both are illegal for anyone under the age of 21. Both can be harmful when abused, and both have negative health effects. There are consequences to using both as well. If you’re caught with recreational marijuana, you could get charged with a MIP (minor in possession) and face fines, public service hours,misdemeanor/felony charges and even possible loss of your driver’s license. You could also lose your job, get kicked off sports teams, be suspended from school and even lose financial aid for college. It’s not worth it.

3. Why is it okay for you to use marijuana?

I’m an adult. The law says that adults over the age of 21 can use recreational marijuana. The reason for this is that teen brains are not developed enough to handle marijuana. Your brain is still developing until you’re 25-years- old. Using marijuana when you’re a teen has negative health and legal consequences, which could stand in the way of you achieving your dreams.

Many of the moms we spoke with said they felt completely useless once they got into the conversation about marijuana. It’s amazing how teens and tweens can reduce us to mush during these conversations. That’s why Good To Know Colorado also has developed the following tips that can help make the conversation more effective:

Know the Facts: Get informed about the laws, health effects, and negative consequences for youth who use recreational marijuana so you can answer your kids’ questions. Good To Know has lots of information here:http://www.goodtoknowcolorado.com/talk

Choose the Right Time to Chat: I am the queen of starting the conversation at the wrong time. Watch and listen for cues. If you hear a commercial on TV about marijuana, that can serve as a good intro. If your child brings up the topic or if you encounter someone using in public, that can be a doorway as well. Make sure you have enough time to really talk and answer their questions.

Relate to What They Can Lose: If your tween or teen participates in extracurricular activities, they can lose this privilege if they’re caught with marijuana. If your child has a goal of college scholarships or military service, these can be lost as well. Tap into what is at risk and tangible to your child.

State Your Expectations: While you want to maintain an open door for conversation, as the parent you need to make your expectations clear. “I expect you to not use marijuana until you are of legal age,” is a very clear statement.You should also make the negative consequences clear and follow through on these consequences if your child is caught with marijuana.

Keep Talking: While you don’t want to beat a dead horse, you need to repeat this conversation. Experts recommend starting the conversation and continuing it until age 21.

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Good To Know campaign is an excellent resource for parents, coaches and teachers to learn about how to talk with kids about not using recreational marijuana. There is so much great information for you to tap into at http://www.goodtoknowcolorado.com/talk. It’s also great for when you get stumped, and trust me you WILL get stumped by some of the questions and arguments you get.

Remember, DON’T STOP having the conversation!


Sponsored by: Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Good To Know Colorado Campaign.

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The best way to save your sanity is to teach your kids the art of being organized from very beginning. In this regard, one of the rooms in any home that can get out of control is the bathroom. Things like lotions, toothpastes and brushes and towels can easily scatter over the expensive countertops and can also stick to the mirrors in case of toothpaste.

Following lines explain how you can make your family stay organized by following simple storage techniques in the bathroom.

A Laundry Hamper:
Dirty laundry and towel can easily convert your well designed bathroom into an eye sore. Therefore, if you install a laundry hamper inside the washroom, your spouse, children and you yourself can present no excuse when it comes to cleaning and clearing things.

Conceal Unattractive Items:
In addition with laundry and towels, you should also conceal other unattractive items such as toothbrushes and the best way to do so is to place small baskets on the shelves. This will also provide extra storage to you making your bathroom clutter free and more organized.

Free Standing Open-Shelf Cabinet:
If your bathroom is devoid of any storage space, you should consider placing an open-shelf cabinet in the bathroom. You can easily keep washable clothes and similar things in the lower shelves. Use upper shelves to place things that you want to keep out of reach of tiny hands.

Install a Magazine Rack:
A magazine rack installed directly above the tank of the toilet can totally transform your dull bathroom into something spectacular. It will give the room a cleaner look by freeing up the space above the tanks making your bathroom look spacious.

Sectioned Storage:
Small items like hairbrushes, pins, curling irons and hair dryers can really tangle things up and cover a lot of storage area. In order to overcome the problem, it is a great idea to allocate a section to each item within the same cabinet. If you cannot spend too much on remodeling your existing cabinet, consider using plastic boxes within the drawers to get the same functionality.

Storage Above the Tub:
Soap and other bath items are also very challenging to store properly in the bathroom. Therefore, keeping them right above the tub is the perfect storing solution as it will not only make bathroom cleaner, you can easily access them while you are bathing.

Toiletries and Medicines:
These small items are most difficult to be contained properly and are often very difficult to be found when needed. Therefore, if you are lucky enough to have a closet in your bathroom then why not use plastic over-the-door shoe organizer. It will make your items easily visible and accessible whenever you need them. However, never forget to store medicines out of the reach of children.

Glass Jars Storage:
Finally you should store the items you most frequently use in glass jars placed over countertops. They will not only serve the decoration purpose but will always be in easy reach as well.

I hope you find these tips helpful to organize your bathroom and in turn help you to teach your family how to live a focused and organized life.

Scarlet Paolicchi is a wife, mother of 2, and a Nashville blogger. She founded Family Focus Blog where she blogs about parenting, green tips, and giveaways!

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Has the warmer weather got you into a spring time mood? Are you thinking about your yard, flowers or garden you want to plant this summer? What about taking a few dollars off your grocery bill and growing your own herbs and peppers? Poketo, an on-line store, is offering a Foodie Garden Kit to help you go from a skin colored thumb to a green thumb in no time. The Foodie growing kit lets you grow your own herbs and vegetables easily at home, making it much more effortless to cook, eat healthy, and help with the grocery bill. A stylish rectangular tin planter comes nicely packaged with a kraft board wrap brightened up by funky drawings. The kits come complete with coco fiber wafers, seeds and instructions. Once planted, all the plants can be transplanted to patio containers or the garden to fully mature.

Check out the three different kits available; Peppers, Basil, and Tomatoes.

This would be an awesome gift idea that keeps on giving the entire summer. This product was highlighted on CoolMomPicks.com.

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The cookies are eaten, the gifts are unwrapped and it’s time to de-clutter the Christmas fun in the home. That also means it’s time to “de-decorate” and get the house back in order after a fun-filled month of celebrations.

These tips will help you to begin the process:

To de-decorate:

  1. Take photos of this year’s Christmas decorating – Do you set up those lighted porcelain houses? Did you create an arrangement this year that you like? Did you figure out where to display all those snowmen around your house this year? Take pictures, both inside and out, so you can easily decorate next year and avoid having to reinvent the wheel!

    I really do this and it helps me each year when it comes time to decorate. I can easily recruit help from my children who can look at the pictures and know where each of our Christmas decorations should be displayed.

  2. Enlist help – The entire family can help in the de-decorating process. Assign family members jobs that they are able to do. From removing ornaments from the tree, to placing the nativity back in boxes, your de-decorating will go quickly with the help of others.
  3. Use labeled storage bins – Before you drag all of your boxes back to the garage or up to the attic, label and number them so you can easily find them next year. This will help you know if you have missing boxes of decorations next year when you begin decorating.

To de-clutter:

  1. Pick-up – Move from room to room gathering items that need to be put away, like gifts received for Christmas. You know those piles that have accumulated during the Christmas celebrations? Assign your children different rooms or items to help pick-up.
  2. Put-away – Return each of the picked up items to their usual place and find new homes for items received as gifts. The children can help put away all of their belongings and help determine new homes for things they receive for the holidays.
  3. Speed clean – Now that things are picked up and put away you can speed clean.
  • Wipe down surfaces that are in desperate need
  • Vacuum, dust and mop the floor
  • Wipe bathrooms down with disposable wipes
  • Change loads of laundry during the process of getting your house back in order

Doesn’t it feel great to have your home de-decorated and de-cluttered?

Trisha writes about numerous topics for 24/7mom.com.

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Do you find yourself left with lonely socks after the laundry is finished? Here are a few tips to give your socks a new purpose.

  1. Use them as dust rags: Slip your hand in a sock, spray with furniture polish, and clean away!
  2. Make a homemade ball or hacky sack: Kids are always looking for balls to play with. Fill a sock partially full with beans, beads, or rice and sew into the shape of a ball.
  3. Make puppets: Use felt, google eyes, permanent markers, and more to turn a sock into a funy puppet.
  4. Make a cat toy: fill with cat nip and sew the end together. You’ll have a happy kitty.
  5. Make a Rice Sock: Fill a medium sock with rice. You can also add flax seed to keep the heat in longer. Sew the end up or use a piece of yarn or string to close off the end. Put it in the microwave for about one minute to warm it up. Use it to ease aches and pains.

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Feeling the post-holiday money crunch? Now might be the time to try coupons again. Here are a few ways to get your feet wet.

*Use an accordion organizer it’s easy to use and get started with. Assign simple sections, a spot for recipes, receipts or multiple store lists. You can keep your fliers in there as well.

*If you’re not ready for a big one, a small (checkbook size) accordion organizer may not be as intimidating. You can also use photo boxes or 4×6 albums if you have that around the house.

*Complicated binders are for the pros (think Extreme Couponers!) if you’re just getting started it’s too intimidating. If you want to do that down the road when you have your system down—go for it!

Coupon Organization
*To clip or not to clip? There are several ways to do this you need to find the one that’s best for you. Either save the entire section from the newspaper and write the date on the front with a sharpie or go ahead and clip by category. It’s trial and error!

*Decide what sections you’ll need in the order of the store you go to most. Don’t worry you can always adjust!

*Remember it will take time to get a system down. Don’t give up after one shopping trip

*Keep your receipts so you can add up your savings over time and see if it’s worth it. If you’re saving less than 10% and you’re investing a lot of time-it may not be worth it.

Have a couponing tip to share? Comment below!

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After spending more time than I wanted in Walmart with kids in tow, I got home to discover one of them had an item in her coat pocket. It was the Hello Kitty Hand Sanitizer she wanted and I said no to.

Why a 6 year old needs hand sanitizer is a whole different story.

So my question is—how do I handle this the right way? My plan is to take her back and make her apologize. Is that enough?

Comment below to share your story!

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I know couples sometimes try to spice up their loves lives, but wow, I have no words. Police in Portland say a couple went too far on their Valentine’s date and it landed them in jail on disorderly conduct charges.

According to KATU-TV, police started getting alarming calls about a naked woman bound in a car with duct tape over her mouth. Officers searched for nearly an hour to find them and when they did, they were shocked by what the man and woman told them.

Police say 31-year-old Nikolas Alexander Harbar, told them he and his girlfriend were doing some Valentine’s Day role-playing. Officers said his girlfriend, 26-year-old Stephanie Morgan Pelzner, confirmed that story.

Officers arrested them.

A police spokesman said, “Role-play all you want, but when you do something that is going to generate a 911 call you should probably do it at home.”