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What are 3 things every parent wants when planning a birthday party for their kids? Easy, Fun and Economical. Springs Trampoline Park gives you all three. Last Sunday we celebrated my son’s 8th Birthday at Springs Trampoline Park. He had a blast!




We chose the Springs Party Package and were really pleased with everything that was included in the package:

Up to 15 Jumpers

         Private Room

         3 Pizzas

         Water and Gatorade 

         Option to Bring Outside Food and Drink

         Your own Party Host


img_1537This birthday party was the easiest birthday party I have ever thrown for my son. I simply showed up with the cake and the staff at Springs Trampoline did the rest. If you have the budget the private room is a great option. It is spacious and gives you more privacy than the shared party rooms. I should add that the shared party rooms were great as well and very festive.  The party hosts at Springs Trampoline are on top of everything and extremely helpful. We had Stephanie and she did an amazing job!

I give Springs Trampoline 5 stars on their birthday party package! It was a great experience from start to finish.


For information on birthday parties at Springs Trampoline Park CLICK HERE.





My son just turned 9, and he begged us to have his birthday party at Sky Zone this year!  After going there a few months ago on a Saturday he thought it was the “coolest place EVER” and couldn’t stop talking about it. We were happy to oblige, especially since Sky Zone takes care of EVERYTHING for you! I love not having to worry about entertaining the kids, and especially not worrying about having to clean up! Sky Zone has a few party packages to choose from depending on your budget, what food options you’d like, and how many guests you would like to invite, but ALL the party packages include the following:
• 1 Hour of Jump Time
• 40 Minutes in a Private Party Room
• Private Party Host
• Party Plates, Napkins, Cups & Utensils
• Pizza & Fountain Drinks
• Party Room Set-Up & Clean-Up
• Full-Color Invitations & Envelopes
• Sky Zone T-Shirt for Party Guest
• Access to Foam Zone & Sky Slam
• 2 FREE 30- min Jump Passes for Future Visits
• One Pair of SkySocks for Each Jumper

I have to say, right off the bat, I was super impressed with Sky Zone‘s facility.  We have been to other trampoline parks in Colorado Springs, but Sky Zone is top notch. It is bright, clean, fun, and well organized! All of the employees are super friendly, helpful, and GREAT with kids.


2016-02-20 12.47.30


2016-02-20 13.04.38


When we arrived for the party, we got our own cart where all of our guests put their gifts and shoes, and each child got their own pair of super cool orange Sky Zone socks to change in to!  My son even loves wearing them at home because they’re so cozy! Our party host was great and engaged the kids with a few activities while we waited for other guests to arrive. When all of our guests arrived, the kids got one full hour of free jump time.  I loved that they were able to go to whatever area they wanted because there was plenty of supervision in every area. Sky Zone has 6 areas for kids to explore.  One main trampoline area, a basketball dunk zone called Sky Slam, a few dodge ball areas, and a foam pit where kids can jump off of smaller trampolines into a big foam pit! I also love that there is a large seating area with plenty of tables to sit and relax.


2016-02-20 13.40.09


2016-02-20 13.09.30


The kids had a blast and got all their wiggles out! After our jumping time was over, it was time to head to our own private party room where our party host took care of everything for us!  Included in our party was 3 pizzas (from Marco’s, yum!), 4 pitchers of soda, helium balloons, and paper ware in our choice of colors.  If you wish to have cake, you provide that yourself, but our party host took care of cutting and serving everything, which was so nice!  It was wonderful to be able to sit and chat with friends and not have to worry about what everyone needed!


2016-02-20 14.14.07



2016-02-20 14.15.36


When the party was over, my son received a free t-shirt as a gift from Sky Zone, and was also allowed to spin the wheel, which landed on a small Sky Zone volleyball for him to take home.  All of our guests had a super fun time, and if you are looking to have your next birthday party somewhere fun, I highly recommend Sky Zone and give it a 5-star rating!!

You can visit their website for more info and details on their party packages!

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When my soon-to-be 8 year old daughter excitedly told me about 10 months ago that she’d like a fairy party, I became almost as giddy as her.  I had all sorts of images in my mind of a garden party at the park, with cute little toadstool chairs, and beautiful flowers, and maybe even a treasure hunt.  And then I realized I had forgotten a pretty important detail…My daughter’s birthday is in December.  I went back to the drawing board and decided to keep the woodland fairy theme and just winterize it a little.  My other obstacle was that this party was happening a couple weeks before Christmas.  So not only did I need to winterize, but I also needed to seriously “bugetize” the party.


Considering that we had an intense Colorado snowstorm going on outside, our first priority was to create a comforting, warm space inside our home for all the pretty fairies to play.  To do this, we moved our couches out to the garage and set up a camping pavilion in our family room.  Then we draped it with blankets and sheets to enclose it, and added lights and decorations to create a glowing little fairy tent.

I borrowed the snowflake ornaments from a friend.  To make the starbursts, I just used pipe-cleaners and this tutorial.  I bought the tissue paper puffs at the Dollar Tree and just dipped the edges in Mod- Podge and rolled them in glitter to add a little extra “fairy dust” sparkle.



For the Woodland Tree, I just cut some low hanging branches from a tree in my mom’s yard and sprayed them with fake snow in a can from the Christmas section of Hobby Lobby.  I just put the branches in a clear vase and weighted the branches with clear decorative rocks that I found at the Dollar Tree.  I decorated the tree with crystal ornaments and butterflies that I adhered with hot glue.

For the food table, I cut some slow hanging branches from a spruce tree and also sprayed them with fake snow and layered them across the table, instead of using a tablecloth.  My husband cut a few logs that we had into perfect woodland serving platters, and I hung the net that Emma usually has over her bed above the island, for a dreamy effect.


My niece, Jessica, is not only gorgeous, but she also happens to be an accomplished ballerina.  She was more than happy to be my helper at the party, and I think the little girls got a kick out of seeing a real fairy!


I made the food labels out of chalkboard picks that I found in the $1 section at Michael’s.  You can find the moss-covered rocks, 4 in a pack, at the Dollar Tree.




For the “Toad Stools,” I just cut string cheese into 3 pieces and topped with half of a seeded cherry tomato.  Then I dabbed the tomato with dots of cream cheese.






I found these adorable curly candy-canes and this giant sparkly “8” at Hobby Lobby.


You can find the recipe for these yummy and adorable edible pinecones here.







For the party favors, each girl got to make her own bottle of “Pixie Dust.”  I found the bottles, 50% at Hobby Lobby.  To make these, you just need an assortment of sparkles and waterproof confetti, about 1 teaspoon liquid glycerin (which you can find in the soap-making section of any craft store), water, and melted wax, to seal the bottles.

I have a candle warmer, which keeps the wax melted.  Just make sure the cork is pushed in tightly and then dip the top of the bottle in the wax repeatedly to form a sturdy seal.



Each time I looked over at my daughter, giggling and smiling, and having a ball- I couldn’t help but feel her excitement.  It truly did feel like a fantasy land.  All the tedious effort that went into pulling off this party was 100% worth it.

That being said- I think next year we will just take her bowling!

Happy Birthday, Turtle!

My daughter and I began planning this party before we even left the theater after seeing the movie “Frozen” for the first time.  Is there anything more magical to a 7-year-old than a princess with the power to build her own ice castle with just a wave of her hand?  Luckily, my daughter’s birthday is in December, so we had some leftover costumes from Halloween.  And since every other girl in America dressed as Anna or Elsa for Halloween, I suggested in the invitation that guests dress up as their favorite Frozen character for the party. I’ve never seen so many princesses in my life… the little girl in me was jumping up and down with excitement!


My daughter and I had such a fun time putting together a variety of wintry treats.  For “Kristoff’s Ice,” we just followed the recipe on the box for Berry Blue Jello Jigglers, and cut them to look like ice blocks.

Pretzels worked perfectly for “Sven’s Antlers!”

These “Snowballs” are simply white cheddar cheese balls.  If you can’t find the white cheese balls- marshmallows would be a great substitution.

For the “Troll Roll-Ups” I made of a mixture of cream cheese, shredded cheddar, chopped black olives, onion powder, and salt to taste.  I spread the mixture on tortillas and rolled, then sliced.

The coconut and original flavored Hershey Kisses are wrapped in blue and silver foil, and add a frosty element to the icy tablescape.

For the sugar cookies, I followed this recipe from Brown Eyed Rose.  I cut out the cookies with a snowflake shaped cutter and then iced the cookies with blue and white melting chocolates.  The chocolate does a beautiful job of keeping the cookies soft, and of course, it tastes delicious.

These are Nutella and Peanut Butter and Jelly Snowflake sandwiches.  Yummy!

For the “Frozen Hearts,” I simply dipped strawberries in white dipping chocolate and then sprinkled with white crystal sugar.

I love the simplicity of baby carrots for “Olaf Noses.”

For the “Melted Olaf’s” I used vanilla yogurt, mini chocolate chips, and one orange jelly bean.  For the arms, I piped melted chocolate onto wax paper in the shape of twiggy arms.




Even “Sven” made an appearance!


One of the games the girls played was to move as many marshmallows (snowballs) from one bowl to another using chopsticks.  Whoever moved the most snowballs in 3 minutes won the game.  It’s trickier than it looks!


Another game we played was the snowball toss.  It’s a lot like shooting hoops in basketball, except your’e tossing marshmallows into a bowl…in an Elsa costume.

The costumes, treats, and games were fun, but I think my favorite part of the whole day was when all the princesses stood in front of the TV and sang, “Let It Go!” at the top of their lungs, right along with Elsa.  It was a moment that could have melted even the most frozen of hearts.

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Fall is such a fun time of year!  Lots of holidays and Autumn treats are great excuses to throw a party and gather your friends and family close! Whether it’s a wedding, birthday party, shower or just a fun get together, these unique ideas via Pinterest are sure to be a hit.




1. Caramel Apple Bar 




2. Chili Bar




3. Decorate mini-pumpkins




4. Woodland Creature theme




5. Serve dip in a pumpkin




6. Pumpkin Centerpieces




7. Cornucopia Fruit Desserts




8. Hot Chocolate Bar




9. Sunflower Balls




10.  Pretty in Pink Pumpkin Party


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Today is Dr. Seuss’ birthday, and children over the world will be celebrating his works!  With magical illustrations and catchy stories, Dr. Seuss books certainly inspire lots of creativity.  Surprise the kids with some fun Dr. Seuss inspired snacks and treats today!

1.  One Fish Two Fish Jello Cups



2. One Fish Two Fish Marshmallow Pops



3.  Lorax Nutter Butter Cookies





4.  Cat in the Hat Fruit Cookies



5.  Green Eggs and Ham Pretzel Bites



6.  Dr. Seuss Soup



7.  Pinwheel cookies



8.  Thing 1 Cupcakes



9.  Cat in the Hat Pizza



10.  Dr. Seuss stuffed strawberries


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If you’re looking for a fun birthday party theme that both boys and girls will enjoy, an art theme might have everything you’re looking for!  We’ve gathered some of the best ideas via Pinterest to make your next party colorful, fun and delicious!


You have to represent the rainbow when throwing an art party, so color is key!  Have tons of fun with your paperware, napkins and table settings.  Use brightly colored tissue to make hanging balls, get balloons of every color, and create colorful backdrops with paint, crayons, or paper chains!




via sevensisters


via hostess with the mostess

Games and Activities

Embrace the the theme of an art party and have the kids create their own masterpieces!  Give each child their own canvas and let them go to town!  You can offer a variety of mediums to work with like paper, stickers, tissue, pom-poms, etc and have the kids make a collage!  Paint and decorate their own monogram or have each child paint their handprint on to one large print for the birthday child to keep.









Catch the eye with colorful treats and food.  The options are endless!  Take advantage of the fact that fruit comes in every color and make some fun fruit kabobs!  We love the adorable ‘paintbrush’ rice crispy treats pictured below, and all the fun treats you can create with colored frosting and candy.  I’m pretty much in love with the Jell-o art!!






via living at the Whitehead’s Zoo


via catchmyparty


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With the holidays fast approaching, I start to get anxiety over the need for more space. It’s true. With three kids and extended family that like to spoil them with gifts at Christmas, I am constantly having to figure out ways to purge toys and make room for new toys…

Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for the generosity of others, but too much is too much and has caused me to reflect on ways we can all simplify gift giving for children. I realize the newest toy, or the cutest toy can be irresistable, but there are so many other non-toy gifts we can give! Sometimes it’s the non-toy gifts that have the greatest impact.

Children soon forget about all the toys they got, and most of the time they can’t even remember who they got them from! What children do value is time and memories. I know my child can’t list off the gifts he got last Christmas, but he can give vivid details about our trip to St. Louis over a year ago. Instead of giving toys this year, why not give memories instead?

Here are some great ideas for alternative gifts this year:

1. Gift cards for ice-cream/frozen yogurt. What child doesn’t love picking out their own treats? And you can’t trip over it.

2. Memberships/passes. What are their interests? Get them passes to a local amusement park, mini golf place, museum, YMCA or a membership to the zoo. Colorado is full of awesome places that kids love to visit.

3. Concert Tickets. Find out their favorite bands/music and pick up some concert tickets. What events are coming to the area? Purchase tickets for anything from the circus to the symphony. Lots of ideas to choose from!

4. Recipe/food items. Get them a gift basket full of ingredients to make a favorite meal or dessert. Include the recipe, and offer to come help and spend the afternoon with them.

5. Crafting supplies. Find a fun art project or idea online and purchase the supplies for it. Wrap it up in a box with instructions on how to do it. Maybe even do it together.

6. Outdoor supplies. Get a gardening gift basket, fishing gear, bug catcher. etc. to encourage being outdoors and exploring nature.

7. Books. You can never go wrong with a good book! They are for every interest, genre, and age. My son still reads books he got four years ago, but I can’t say that about toys he got that long ago!

8. Coupon book of 12 one-on-one dates for the year. One coupon a month. The activities don’t have to be expensive or extravagant but should focus on making memories and spending time together. A trip to a favorite ice cream shop. An evening walk or bike ride. An early morning breakfast out when everyone else sleeps.

9. Movie Tickets! Purchase a gift card to your local theater and wrap it up with some popcorn and candy.

10. Gift card to their favorite restaurant, and make it a date night!

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The Polar Express is a timeless holiday movie. It can be the basis for an amazing party as well. It doesn’t have to just be someone’s birthday. You can have a kids only holiday party with a showing of the movie.

  • Everyone wears their pajamas
  • You must get your ticket punched when you enter the house
  • Use the Christmas decorations you have

Here are a few ideas we found on Pinterest.

Reindeer Food Bar

Hot Chocolate Bar

Popcorn and Christmas Cookies are the perfect snacks